* You will need a GamersFirst account to log in to Fallen Earth (which is no big deal, because we give them away for free so you should make one now)
* You will need to merge your Fallen Earth account with your G1 account Voltron-style to keep all your characters, reward points, and account history intact. This process will be available on August 1st. To active subscribers who complete this process by August 5th, we’ll be handing out some free G1 Credits as our way of saying thank you for undertaking the transition! Which will be useful because…
We are a group of dedicated players who have come together to provide services for the community so that you, our fellow players, will be able to enjoy your play time to the fullest. Since our inception, we have experienced a long way to becoming one of the largest group of players in the industry. Our dedicated support team has consistently displayed professionalism while not losing the personal touch when assisting each of our customers with their distinctive needs. In the process, we have cultivated many long-term relationships with our valued customers. For that matter, we are grateful to have customers like you to be here every step of of our growth.
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* The Fallen Earth website is getting an eXtreme makeover! The Fallen Earth Store will now be integrated with the GamersFirst marketplace. From this point on you’ll be able to use G1 Credits to purchase Fallen Earth Store items. 

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