The hunter captain told me that I only need to use the output the deal with this BOSS and cannot get WOW gold from him, what I need to do was only pull the boss and summon the little dog. And then let the warlock to deal with it. I loosed my tense mood because I got to know that I did not need to be worry about how to pull this boss. So I replaced the shield and pick up the pole of the Gladiator happily. But there were more and more dogs from behind, and the treatments mainly add warlock T, so I need to be changed back to the shield and be defensive stance. Because this boss was not my work to resist, so we passed very quickly.
With the more tension and the less WOW gold, I tried keep pressing the skills in the 6 seconds cycle and accord the rage to choose to use Heroic Strike, for the fear about the hatred is not enough, I did not have time to pay more attention to the contents of the chat bar. My teammates called me in the chat bar to warn me to be Careful not to step on the fire. But I didn’t see it. Fortunately at the moment, the boss with human figure was almost dead. That boss who ride the dragon mount came to save him.
I ran away from the pile of fire and rushed to dragon mounts. When I came into contact with the dragon mounts when people boss was just died. I am a little relieved and I decided to not to do pull two monsters at the same time. But I committed the same mistake; I ignored the fire that the dragon mount sprayed on the ground. After I have spent cooling shield walls and drastic in 30 minutes, I still get glorious death, then led the mission destroyed with no suspense.
When we run the corpse the hunter completely felled into silence, but warlock spoke a lot, he asked why I do not hide from the fire on the ground in a sadness tone. From their advices, I finally understand that the main point to beat this boss is to hide from the spray from the dragon and the fire on the ground. The third boss opened and took out of a purple defense equipment, called the “Lion Heart belted”, we are very courteous to the point to give up, I point the greed actually get it without much WOW gold.

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