I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out more.

Aside from a decently interesting storyline both issues feature an art style that does a great job of evoking a sense of the menacing dark tones that make the Diablo franchise what it is. The angular and brusque line art of Joseph Lacroix and the very Diablo-ish color palette employed by Dave Stewart somehow stand set apart from Blizzard’s usual artistic style yet still manage to feel very Diablo. Both artists also did a fantastic job of portraying the infiltration of the sinister affliction of the Barbarians upon the men of the north, and left me wanting to know more.

If issues one and two are any indication, I think “The Sword of Justice” series will be both a highly entertaining read and also a great medium for advancing the lore of the Diablo franchise. So on both counts I applaud Blizzard and DC Comics. My only worry is that with only 3 more issues it seems like there is a lot of ground to cover to bring this story to completion. Of course who is to say that the story of Tyrael’s sword will end with this comic series?  And of course there is always the impending release date announcement of a certain video game that is sure to be chalk full of lore goodies.

You might think that Diablo III is an online game, definitely not an MMO like wow but definitely an online.

So why the hell Blizzard uses your computer’s system clock to determine Auction House transactions! Is

this a singleplayer game where duping doesn’t matter? Why do some Korean players have 4 billion gold,

yes, that is Billion, not million? So how do you dupe items? Well, it’s easy. You sell something, you go back

and cancel it. Note that abusing this to dupe items will probably result in a ban from Blizzard. Sending 100M

to your other account might work but I don’t encourage it. I’m just appalled at Blizzard’s stupidity who programmed

the damned local clock, with the foresight that this will allow duping 250 euro crossbows? This isn’t going to be a

rant that would be too easy. The point is to highlight how game designer mistakes snowball when designers don’t

play their own game (i.e. are informed about the game from data mining, not understanding).

Exhibit A – Attack speed nerf. The new patch promises to nerf attack speed as it led to “not supposed to be played”.

That could be the case (I play as a Demon hunter and have stacked as much IAS as possible). However,

two minutes spent on closer examining the issue will reveal that this is a direct consequence of INFERNO

difficulty design decision to make every mob one shot you, regardless of equipment.补丁PTR层52 15个型号的datamined 

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