Yesterday, the United States and Australia area in a large number of players met unable to update the 1.0.6 a patch of Diablo 3 Gold the problem. According to blizzard qualitative inspect branch the results of the survey found that this is because the part of the telecom business adjusted the DNS setting in,temporarily unable to solve.
Community manager Lylirra told at present is to solve the problem from blizzard aspects, at the same time, it gives a player writing DNS replacement strategy to a temporary solution to the problem.

We are still investigating us feasible solutions, this can help those who try to update the 1.0.6 a patch ERROR_3007 received when the players. We will be in a message in this post, follow up.

In the problem resolved, you can still try to replace the DNS server to resolve, below is a good solution to this article. Please note that this method is not effective for all.

Windows 7 replacement DNS service setting method

* open the control panel.

* click “network and Internet” of the “network and sharing center”, then click “change adapter Settings”.

* choose you want to the configuration of the connection and set to Google public DNS. For example:

* change Ethernet setting, right-click on the local connection, and then click properties.

* change wireless networks setting, right-click on the infinite network connection, and then click properties.

* if you need to enter the administrator password or confirmation, password or confirmation.

* click network tag page. In “the connection using the following project”, select “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, or “Internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” and then select “properties”.

* click the “advanced” and then select “DNS TAB. If already fill in the DNS server IP address, please record down later use, and then the window from the removed.

* click “ok”.

* select “use the following DNS server address”. If there have filled out the first choice of DNS server IP address and spare IP address, please record down later use. 

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