Until now, we still regard the ancient family as our threaten. Yes, no matter in jade forest, KaSang post jungle or Brocade valley, thunder king rasies at lightning island, we must destroy it. But we still can’t guess where is lightning island. Maybe it is near mantis plateau or giant island, while we still can’t make sure. There a lot of interesting things in 5.2. the sunreavers will be expelled out of Dingarany, and these expelled sunreavers will help their tribe to search lightning island and beat thunder king. It is an important event, as in 5.1 version, Dingarany is no longer in neutral. Sunreavers decide to help Garr Rouch. It is not only for making the magic to destroy sierra and also kill Rhonin. In this series of story, we can see tribe’s power will be strongers, as they get the help from the strongest blood mage.

What is the next?
Once the lightning king makes an agreement with his praise dara Allies, then what is the next goal? Will there be another raid copy? Will there be more camp conflict? Patch 5.3 will be like 5.1 that the patch will add new raid? Obviously, I don’t know. But what I know is, there will be some interesting stories about mantis people.
In the story of Clarke’s reputation, a lot of mantis people lose their lives. The revived people are also dying. But under the group of Clarke, some mantis people still hide under a helmet. The queen hill has died, but her power still makes fear spoil in a mass. It seems that mantis people are still in a passive place. Actually, clarke may lead their people to expansion to east. Just like we think, mantis has grasped their living way, using their amber to dispose the weaker in their team. Mantis people have become a necessary part in Pandaria, though no one knows what they will bring. Anyway, after all the dragon ridge has been destroyed and mantis military doesn’t get heavily attack.

About baby
Monomer hurt rank: blue fat>dog>woman>goblin
Assistant mode: when your aim is A, no matter who you discharge monomer hostile skill, baby will change fire after 3 seconds such as fear of heart No.3, after choosing legs as aim, even if the focus outputs BOSS, baby will attack legs. All babies enjoy your property, so you don’t need to summon baby before bloodthirsty.

Property’s enjoyment
After canceling smooth effect, DOT’s hurt is not related with DOT’s own properties. It only depends on releasing or brushing DOT’s character properties.
Channeled spells disaster’s grasp and drain soul DOT damage are not related with the current character attribute, which only depends the DOT on the target damage.
As for changing damage percentage BUFF/DEBUFF, DOT hurt and lead’s extra damage have the enjoyment independent and not affect each other.

Monomer output
When the property is low, shadow arrow and split-flow, reserve anger and molten core will be used up in high property soul.
During the dark soul, try to keep shape-shift, touch of chaos’ anger consumption is slower than soul fire. Less anger is touching, let anger is used up at the end of dark soul.
The hand of iggulden’s damage properties depend on the ballistic end, rather than casting. casting after Cinderella can enjoy demon form addition: gul Dan 1 — more fill skills (5-6 seconds) – the hand of iggulden 2 + Cinderella.
If it is hands bloodthirsty place, after opening the bloodthirsty, then open piles of little ghost, which can reduce CD. Next time, player will enjoy 4T14 dark soul. Touch of chaos

Destroy specialization GCD is only 1 second. 5.1 version rain of fire’s priority is higher than afterdamp. Because afterdamp’s mage addition is higher and enjoys proficient. With the upgrading of equipment, afterdamp will have priority before aimed rain of fire. 

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