Make sure that you do not let any of the skeletons swarm you up. You can slow them down if you chose to use the character classes of the Wizard, the Witch Doctor or the Demon Hunter. If you are playing the Barbarian or the Monk, then you must move around the summoned skeletons so that you won’t be surrounded by your enemies.

Watch out when The Skeleton King takes advantage of his two special attacks. The first one is the attack spin and the other one is teleportation. Diablo 3 Gold Stay far from his range when he is about to do the spin. Even within this place of spin, you can still get to hit him if your character is of the long range types.

But be double aware of the teleport skill for he can disappear and just appear right in front of you and do his immediate attack. When this happens, just avoid him and then give a return attack.

The Skeleton King is the very first boss that you will be fighting which is a bit difficult. If you would take all your time before you approach him, then it is possible for you to beat him at his start level at 8. If you are fighting alone, then you can manage to bring the Templar with you as your follower. He can help you out with the Heal ability. Your follower’s penchant can absorb a lot of damage that can be caused by the skeletons of this first major boss.

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