The Smart Tips on Earning Money in Wildstar

WildStar, is a popular role playing computer game. Using weapons and resources, the object is to build up a strong-enough army to be able to attack other armies. One way to make your army strong is by having a lot of gold. Gold is the form of currency in the game, and it is used to buy weapons and other items. Earning gold through the game can be tedious and a long process.So the first thing you have to do is make money in Wildstar.

wildstar tips

Go back to previous areas
Once you are strong enough, you can cut down even the hardest monsters in the previous zone. This can earn you weapons, armor, decor items, and more at a high rate of speed. Wait until you are 10 to 15 levels above the level of monsters in the previous zone.

Become an interior decorator 
In Ultime Online, a lot of players made good money by designing houses for others. You don’t get that control in Wildstar, but you can easily charge for ideas for people to implement in their house.

Sell your services
If you are a good tank, you can sell yourself to give players runs in dungeons that have proven to be difficult. Same for healers, or even guild groups who can help players get the items they need in raids.

Run dungeons
One of the great things about Wildstar is that you can back to lower level dungeons at the appropriate level and run them over and over again. Some of the best gear and decor items come from dungeons. So re-run those if you have a decent group to do it with.

Beg for money
Well, don’t really beg, but you can ask nicely for money if you need something. Players in Wildstar are actually quite friendly, and if you say you are short some money for an item you need, they may give it to you. Just don’t beg too much.

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