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Ordinary day oracle if top-up the early game, what is really not kui, small make up the answer is, ignoring the mount box, wing box, box various activities, and basic break even dyeing Revelation Online Gythil box open, local tyrants words can also small earn more.Mainland appearance but cloud hanging a eternal topic.A golden dye, can let you earn money, ordinary dye system under the condition of in today’s home, also is very good sell.

Gift bag in addition to fashion gift bag, everything else is pretty useful, recommended to buy ~

Digression said much, says below, in the game to make money.As the saying goes, money is not enough time to gather together, and day, for a time to gather together the way, if you have enough time, after local tyrants is not just a dream.
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Revelation online heads into first closed beta test on October 25

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 12, 2016 – Global publisher and developer NetEase are content to announce balance anticipated first closed beta test of Revelation Online , a different MMO from a seamless fantasy open world. Owners of beta keys and founder packs set off on checking out the exciting whole world of Nuanor.

The first Beta test will run from October 25 – November 8 and can take players over the story narrative all the way to level 49. Players will be provided access to 3v3 training and ranking arenas, 10v10 battlegrounds, Hot Springs zone, and four dungeons with some other difficulty levels: Trial with the Four Kings, Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, and Misty Hollow.

The first phase of beta testing (CBT1) is aimed towards technical testing with the game’s core systems, like, server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services, etc. As a result, players may encounter various bugs and issues including localization ones. The operations team will likely be working closely with feedback on the Revelation Online pioneers and definately will reward active testers with gifts.

CBT1 will run using a limited number of players that will probably be invited directly through the sign-up base. For those who don’t feel as if leaving what to chance, the Founder Packs means that access and therefore are available

Revelation Online is a spectacular Massively Online Multiplayer example of which players will see the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant realm of ancient mystery, and make use of the power of flight to discover absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one with the many aerial mounts to soar with the sky. Dive in to the waters or climb to the top in the world – in Revelation Online it is possible to freely reach anyplace.

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