Runescape is by far the best online multiplayer game compared to others around such as Habbo Hotel. One thing that you should be aware of is that this game is of a high addiction level, and can get you sitting on it for hours on end. Runescape is set back in the middle ages. However, there are many milestones, at which you can achieve something. For example, in the mining skill, being able to mine a different ore, or using a different pickaxe. This example is not accurate, but to get from level 1 to 30, the experience needed may be the same amount to get from level 70 to 71. In total there are 99 levels, with 99 being the highest you can get. When you get to 99 if you proove yourself worthy enough by training, you can still gain experience.

Below is a list of all the skills in the Free. To Play part of the game and a general overview of them: Attack – This is part of the melee section of combat. A higher level in attack means you are more accurate against enemies when fighting with melee. Defense – This is part of the melee section once again. By increasing your defense level, it increases your chances of being safe from attacks. It also allows you to wear better amour and clothes when fighting enemies. Magic – This is perhaps one of the best combat types.  Magic requires runes. These are made by runecrafting or bought at rune shops. Magic isn’t an upfront style of combat and can be used far away from your enemies.

Range – Range is another good combat style. You need arrows to wield with your bow. The higher your level, the better bows you can buy and wield along with arrows. Rangers can be very quick and can be used by a long distance against enemies. Welcome to thekingdomofRunescape! Here you can buy Runescape gold with incredibly fast delivery, enjoy free bonus every so often and reach your dreamed level faster! Your 100% satisfication is our guide, wish all of us can enjoy our services.  Hope all of you and your friends around can benefit from us. Thank you for your support and attention. 

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