Trion Worlds and Syfy have teamed up to bring gamers and television viewers a one of a kind experience with Defiance. We had the opportunity to visit with the Defiance teams behind the show and the game. We’ve got a full report and much more. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments.

If someone asked you to quickly think of a video game that was based off of a movie, or TV series, it would most likely instantly invoke unpleasant thoughts of hatchet jobs such as Super Mario Bros, or Street Fighter.  Iconic video game franchises that someone tried to cash in on and in the process created a terrible port to the silver screen.  Conversely it is equally challenging to find a good video game that is a direct port of a movie or TV show (if you can actually think of one let me know in the comments below).  The techniques that work well to convey a story on one medium do not always work well for the other.  When I first learned that Trion was working together with Syfy (a division of NBCuniversal) in a joint venture to simultaneously develop a video game and a television show I was more than a bit skeptical.  Earlier this week; however, I was afforded the opportunity to walk the set of the TV show and get hands on time with the game to create a more informed opinion.

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