From CTM to now, rapid breakpoint this concept is no longer strange. In CTM rapidly breakpoint study, general will consider to WOW Gold without buff, 5% buff, natural grace the buff permutation and combination of the situation.

And MOP milk DE many a new talent: jungle soul: whenever players cast a little fast, rapid increase of 50%, and by a spell to consumption. Although this talent with incarnate in the same layer, so not everyone option this talent. But it is a very has the development potential of the talent, for example, belt glyphs wild growth with small quick binding use, let every soul of the jungle with wild growth to consumption can get very considerable therapeutic dose, and in the candle in the battle of the dragon is use it to get a few more lifebloom jump treatment. Believe that to this talent development will have a lot of.
Several of our HOT without buff buff with 5% haste the breakpoint we already know, so use form calculation is 5% and 5% buff buff rapidly rapidly under consumption jungle soul of HOT for breakpoint rapidly.

In general, the rapid growth of 5686 make wild in the jungle soul buff to 13 jump perhaps is the version of the equipment can be achieved. But it is worth, see personal technique and preference. After all this talent may not be suitable for all occasions, also not all people like. But in view of the potential of this talent has not yet been fully developed, perhaps in the later version will have more space.

The soul of the jungle share some small tips:

Use of the jungle with soul healing or healing touch or nourish refresh lifebloom can make lifebloom also is the soul of the jungle of the rapid addition

Fried mushrooms and use the soul of the jungle, but this ability has nothing to do with haste

The mushroom with small quick binding in a macro will not make the soul of the jungle was Fried mushrooms consume 

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