NHL 18’s Player Ratings Of Each Position: Let’s Watch The Video

In NHL 18, each position’s the top 10 ratings was unveiled, including top 10 young stars and the top 50 overall highest ranked players for SPORTS NHL 18. As a whole, this year’s overall ratings are being pushed down, at U4GM, we continually update the latest player ratings news, you can visit here to know more details, this following is the latest official trailer, enjoy it now.

Cover star Connor McDavid took the top spot in both the young stars and the top 50 players with a 93 rating – up five points from his ranking last year, and blowing past many of the top stars and veterans of the NHL. Most important to the young stars is that they are rated now rated so they can step right out of the NHL Entry Draft and into the NHL directly.

NHL 18

Other young stars who are climbing the ranks include Auston Matthews, now with an 87 rating, surpassing the ranking of the 2015-16 NHL Rookie of the Year winner Artemi Panarin (rated this year at 86) and 2011-12 NHL Rookie of the Year, Gabriel Landeskog, who was rated at 85.

The annual release of player ratings is always anticipated with excitement by hockey players, even if this year’s NHL 18 player ratings would be lower than previous games, players are eager to know some top players ratings. As you wish, more details about the top 10 ratings of each position in NHL 18, stay tuned U4GM, there are cheap NHL 18 Coins for sale.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach And Update 15 Now Available For PS4

From now on, console players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have the opportunity to experience the “Horns of the Reach” expansion and the updates of Update 15 for “The Elder Scrolls Online”. A new trailer also gives some insights.

ZeniMax Online Studios today released the “Horns of the Reach” download extension for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online. The new DLC, along with the two new dungeons Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge, will also bring numerous new items with them.


The basic game also receives some improvements for all players at the same time as the release of “Horns of the Reach”. Also included are a new battleground game mode for PvP, Chaosball, and the new Arcane University map.

The “Horns of the Reach” DLC is now available free of charge to all ESO Plus members. All other players can buy them for 1,500 crowns in the Crown Store. The general game improvements of Update 15 are available for all players free of charge. The additions to the battlegrounds are also available free to all players who own “ESO: Morrowind” because “ESO: Morrowind” is needed for the battlegrounds.

For more detailed details about the “Horns of the Reach” DLC with the new dungeons, descriptions of PvP Battlegroundd completions, and changelog to Update 15, please visit the official website of the game. Here is a fresh trailer for the new content:

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Madden NFL 18 In Test

With “Madden 18” EA Sports serves the first version of their football classic with the Frostbite Engine. Last year successfully introduced in the FIFA franchise, Frostbite is to help raise the Madden franchise to a new level. Whether this is EA Sports and how “Madden 18” plays, we reveal in our test.

No year without a new Madden offshoot. Not a year in which we do not wait longingly and hope that the great revolution will finally come. Or, at least, an evolution which, after a long game, proves to be a revolution. With “Madden 18” it could finally be so far.

madden goat


EA Sports has also released “Madden 18” as a GOAT edition, which is especially for the MUT (Madden Ultimate Team). In the GOAT version, you will receive 7 Madden Ultimate Team Squad Packs, 1 Elite G.O.A.T. Player, 2’500 Contracts, 1 MUT Uniform Pack, and 3 days earlier access to the online experience.

Whether the extra price for this special edition is worth, everyone has to decide for themselves. For football fans, who play a lot of Madden, surely an exciting option.

Either way, every buyer of “Madden 18” gets a piece of GOAT. Because the GOAT is decorating the cover this year. Number 12 of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, succeeds his team colleague Gronk. Do not want him to be maddened by the Madden curse. In the last few years it has always been the case that Madden’s cover-athlete suffered a serious injury in the new football season or entered a raven-black season. Rob Gronkowski, the cover hero of “Madden 17”, was also injured for a long time. In the pre-season games one and two definitely lost, the patriots. But Brady has only played in the second game – and only briefly. It remains to be seen whether the Madden curse still hits.

Whoever plays the first minutes “Madden 18” immediately notes, the latest offshoot is really the GOAT. At least until the new Madden will appear in autumn 2018.


The Frostbite engine ensures that the player models get a real boost again. The faces of the players now look much better than in the previous versions. Players are more realistic than before. The game gets a big touch of the real NFL-Football, especially in the simulation mode. The jerseys look better than before. More details in the reflections of the helmets also ensure that the overall package is more real. But what EA Sports has totally spanked are the movements of the mouth. The players speak, for example, with the coin toss. This looks so robotic that it is almost ridiculous for the year 2017.

On the other hand, what is great is the stadia. These are generally more lively, the atmosphere is denser. The spectators get better with the action on the lawn and at the latest when you play in the Super Bowl and the fans sing MVP calls, the goose bumps are perfect. This is huge fun. As is generally the playing of the new Madden.

The players are a bit faster in the new Madden than in their predecessors. Generally one has the impression that everything runs more smoothly. The new camera angle ensures that more dynamics come into play and the happenings on the pitch are experienced more intensively. Everything that has been perfect so far has not been touched by EA Sports. So you can get around very quickly and can get into the action right away.

The game must be installed as usual. But you can start playing quickly, as the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots against Atlanta Falcons will be installed first. So go up on the lawn and into the action. Dive into the new Madden and have fun. The integration of the Frostbite Engine has been absolutely worth it. It is a big step for the Madden franchise. But not the biggest one made with “Madden 18”.



Last year EA Sports in “FIFA 17” took the player on a very special trip. The Journey was the first story mode in a sports game from EA Sports and has caused a lot of sensation. Also we were more than just done. We could hardly solve the story around Alex Hunter. And with every minute of The Journey’s game, we wondered why there is not such a thing at Madden and NHL?

EA Sports has asked this question several times and has served in “Madden 18” the first story mode for their football franchise. Longshot is the mode in which the player appears as Devin’s calf. A former five-star high school quarterback, who had turned away from the football for three years and is now drawn to the NFL draft at once.

The big opportunity is therefore reality and the hunt for a place in the NFL begins. Devin Wade is not alone on his journey. Friends stand by his side. Counterparties act as counterparts. And then there is Dan Marino, one of the biggest quarterbacks in history.

Mathis, a small town in the state of Texas is the home of Devin Wade. An unimpressive place. Thanks to the Frostbite engine beautifully animated and so completely different from the big NFL cities. But that is precisely the goal. Finally we want to compete with Devin in the NFL and there in the big stadiums and win the Super Bowl. Quasi from the wooden benches in the provincial stadium, where we chat with our friends under the floodlight, up on the football Olympus.

We would like to tell you the whole story of Longshot. But we would anticipate the best part of “Madden 18”. This would be a pity. So let’s leave the story details away at this point. But what we betrayed is that “Madden 18” alone is worthwhile only because of Longshot. The characters were played by real actors. You can tell. They have depth, just like the whole story. Longshot captivates you immediately. It’s the best thing Madden has to offer.


The Madden offshoot with the number 18 is a game changer. On the one hand, because of the integration of the Frostbite Engine, which makes Madden play even more smoothly, has more depth and all in all more fun. On the other hand, of course, mainly because of Longshot, the first story mode in a Madden. The story captivates from the beginning. The figures offer a large identification area. This is entertainment on a high level. With “Madden 18” EA Sports brings fresh air into the franchise and ensures that the game is as big as never before. The latest offshoot comes in a GOAT version. A well-chosen name, which is at “Madden 18” program. If you love Madden, you have to get the new version. And everyone else actually.

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NBA 2K18 Announced Improvements In New Videos

Visual Concept introduced a new trailer for the NBA 2K18, the next 2K iteration that will arrive for PS4, Xbox One and Switch in September. I know all the details of the gameplay, the players that will be present, graphics and more, in this note!

NBA 2K18, this year’s entry of Visual Concepts comes to enthuse all sports fans, we already have news of the release date, pre-order, details about the cover stars and special editions.

While waiting for the start of the 2017/2018 season, the developers of the 2K series, presented the gameplay (which you can see above) of their latest install with improved graphics and a movement engine that looks and feels more natural than ever.

Also announced the return of the “MyTeam” mode, where we can create a team with our favorite players and compete in play-offs, compete unique challenges and manage purchases and sales through a player business system that will allow us to strengthen Constantly our team, while we are making a place among the best.

The NBA2K18 will include a story mode where we can create a player and watch him progress to become a legend more of this acclaimed sport.

Another novelty is that the Legend Edition will include the basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal and lots of gifts and extras to start the 2K18 experience with many options.

The official NBA 2K channel on YouTube posted a video featuring developers talking about the gameplay of the NBA 2K18. In the clip they highlight the level of detail that each player has and explain that for this edition they had to rebuild the entire body of the athletes so that it coincided 100% with real life.

The NBA 2K18 will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, on September 19, 2017. But those who pre-order the game will be able to get it four days before, September.

The game will come in many forms. The standard edition ($ 59.99) will feature NBA star Kyrie Irving on the cover, while in legendary editions Shaquille O’Neal will appear. The Legend Edition will cost $ 99.99 and the Legend Gold Edition – which includes the same thing as the previous one but with some extras like Shaq shirts and additional items to customize players – will come out at $ 149.99.

U4NBA will add more basic NBA 2K18 tips on an ongoing basis to help rookies get acquainted with the latest entry in the franchise.

Final Fantasy XIV Holds An Anniversary Event Called The Rising

The 4-year anniversary with the Rising seasonal event of Final Fantasy XIV have been started. The Rising have been begun on August 26th at 8:00 am, it will last until September 14th at 7:59am (PDT). Some event-exclusive items can be obtained by players, furthermore, they will have the chance to get furnishings and so forth. Don’t miss out more latest news and guides, see more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

Here’s A Look At The Special Items Players Will Be Able To Obtain During The Event

Wind-Up Lyse
Wind-Up Gosetsu
Magicked Prism (Flowers)
Stormblood Orchestrion Roll
Answers – Reprise Orchestrion Roll
Rising Balloon (house furnishing)

In all honesty, Final Fantasy XIV holds an anniversary event called The Rising, this year will be no exception. If it’s like prior events, there will be seasonal event quests to pursue and items to acquire. Final Fantasy XIV will also be running a 14 hour broadcast in honour of their fourth anniversary.

The Rising takes place from Saturday, a missing friend has left Nonora too preoccupied with worry to partake in Eorzea’s celebration of remembrance. A year has passed in Final Fantasy XIV, and once more the Wandering Minstrel is back around prompt prompturers to join together. The Rising is back once more, are you ready for meeting this seasonal event? Do you intend to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil from FFXIV4GIL.

Face The Hard Bosses In Horns Of The Reach Dungeon Falkreath Hold

As we all known, there are many new enmies in the DLC Horns of the Reach. In this article, we’ll show you the five big bosses that powerful in Falkreath Hold.


Morrigh Bullblood

At least Falkreath Hold eases you into the difficulty curve, giving you “only” a handful of human enemies and a single Wallbreaker alongside the first boss of the dungeon. Luckily for us, Morrigh isn’t exactly turning up a ton of new tricks, being a fairly straightforward fight until around half health or lower. Her spinning blade attack does have a stun and silence component, though. So watch out for that.

Once Morrigh dips below half health, she will occasionally protect herself with a wide-area golden shield as fire rains from the sky. Unfortunately for her, we’ve had plenty of practice with her trump card, thanks to the Vaults of Madness, and know to hide inside her shield until the attack is over.

Siege Mammoth

This woolly wonder is found milling about just past Morrigh, stomping about the gate to Falkreath Hold. Have the tank close distance and keep it facing along the outer wall, while any ranged characters keep their distance and melee users stick to the back of the creature.

Its primary attack – a horizontal swing of its gigantic tusks – is a heavy damage cone that can chunk tanks and leave your damage and heals either dead or dying. Block or simply walk backwards to avoid this.

Usually it will follow up a tusk swing or two with a wild charge, knocking anyone in front of it back and down. Tanks that attempt to keep their back to the wall will soon be forced to face the mammoth towards their back line, but letting it charge back and forth along the gate wall keeps your crew mostly safe.

Siege Mammoth’s last attack, triggered in the second phase subtly cued by its entire back being set ablaze, is a rear-and-stomp that sends some of the flames from its body out in waves. These hurt badly in normal mode, and will regularly one-shot any non-tanks in Veteran. Dodge roll or avoid them, or die.

With the mammoth extinguished, it’s time to head inside the Hold. Help Eeryka evacuate and secure as much of the Hold as she can – usually by fighting off waves of Dreadhorn Tramplers, Earthbinders, and Reachmen – and eventually you’ll come upon…

eso monster

Cernunnon And His Amazing Friends

See the gigantic glowing blue Bone Colossus up ahead? See how he splits into little spheres that travel inside Tuecille, Mokveda, and Erbogar? Most importantly, see those little altars?

Engage the three (though be careful of Tuecille, as its Veteran counterpart’s heavy attack deals 65k+ damage when unblocked), and be sure to keep the fight inside the swirling circle of smoke. When you see “the Vortex tugs at your soul”, it’s the games way of telling you that if you leave this circle, you will die.

Take out Erbogar (the archer) first, and have a DPS pick up the orb he drops upon “death” and walk it to a nearby glowing altar – but move fast, as the orb increasingly slows and damages its carrier over time. Once the orb is deposited, Erbogar will finally fall (rather than rise at 30% health, as he does if you fail).

Repeat this process with Tuecille, and finally Mokveda before Cernunnon rises from its glowing pit and engages you itself. Stay spread out to avoid killing each other with the splash damage from his meteors (cued by a charged glowing ball of energy in his hands), and make sure to keep your guard up if tanking — as his bone blade also deals roughly 65k+ damage unblocked.

Break his bones down to roughly 70%, and Cernunnon will retreat back to his circle to resummon his three minions for another round. Kill them the same way as before to end the phase and drag the Colossus back to this plane, where you can finish him.

Follow the retreating Nords into the halls of the dead, keep your eyes on the way the draugr bodies glow after they fall, and keep moving until you find…

Deathlord Bjarfud Skjoralmor

Aside from having what is easily the game’s hardest name to correctly pronounce with a straight face, the Deathlord doesn’t have very much going for him.

Melee attacks and a few draugr servants comprise most of Bjarfud’s repertoire, and nothing is particularly that threatening… Except a red Damage over time that builds up under each player, and will eventually start dealing lethal amounts of damage. To cleanse this, have at least one character head to a sacred glowing urn found in the corners of the room, and begin cleansing the nearby glowing draugr corpses with X. Once enough are cleansed, the damage ceases for a time.

Luckily, this time is usually enough to chew through the Deathlord’s astonishingly low health pool. So claim your prize, and head outside the Halls into The Thane’s Hall. Inside you’ll meet the current head of Falkreath, and face…

Domihaus the Bloody-Horned

Domihaus, more than anything, is a DPS check. In his first phase he smashes the ground repeatedly, bringing up rocks that chase each individual player and are incredibly lethal. Avoid these and channel damage into him until his next attack.

For the second move in his rotation, Domihaus turns himself to perfectly invulnerable stone and summons four Atronachs – one of each element – to do some of his bloody work for him. Down them quickly, because this attack is not triggered by the death of the elementals, but by time. So any leftovers when he wakes up will stick around and continue fighting.

After taking a significant amount of damage (at around 65%), Domihaus will begin to Shout (cued by the message at the bottom of your screen telling you this). Quickly run behind the nearest pillar, putting it between you and Domihaus, or his Fus-Ro-Dah imitation will quickly leave you Fus-Ro-Dead.

At 20% or so health, he summons a horde of elementals without freezing himself at all. And another horde. And another after that.

At around 10%, try to keep all the atronachs corralled near the boss so that they die as a result of AoE damage, and burn him down as soon as possible.

The Bloody-Horned may also bring to bear a series of sharp spikes in circular patterns around him, slowing and steadily dealing damage to all players not in the outer circle near the pillars. Typically, this is the best time to avoid the center and attempt any rezzes – so if you die, try to die as close to the edge as possible.

A series of fireballs is also in his arsenal, most of them irritating at best. However one fireball – denoted by a “charge” where he gathers the fire into his hands – is perfectly capable of taking out any target that missed the cue or isn’t blocking, dealing roughly 65k damage in Veteran Mode.

Usually, after forcing players to the edge of the arena with the hovering shards, Domihaus will then glow and raise his arms to the sky. That’s everyone’s cue to jump back into the center of the circle, as the outer ring is about to be filled with flame.

Veteran mode is more of the same with significantly increased stats, though a quick look at the pillars after a Shout reveals the real danger of the encounter – much like Valkyn Skoria before him, Domihaus is “timed”. It would behoove your party to bring the best damage they can find – if the fight takes too long, eventually the players will simply run out of pillars to hide behind, and be subjected to the full might of the master Minotaur’s Voice.

With enough courage and determination (and damage, armor repair kits, and soul shards), you can triumph over the Bloody-Horned and save Falkreath Hold.

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NBA 2K18 Shows Its Graphics Skills In A New Movie

Even the eye wants its part, but video game developers know it well. And in fact every new chapter devoted to longevited and admired sports chants such as 2K Games NBA improves year after year.

In this regard, NBA 2K18 also has a lot of graphics improvements, and this movie is a first testimony. They are the same developers to talk about this video, placing particular emphasis on the details of the players and how their abilities are a key element for a more realistic graphic rendering.

NBA 2K18 will be available on September 15, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, and it’s already possible to pre-order it to receive classic pre-order bonuses.

Final Fantasy XIV: Worlds Are Reaching Their Capacity

Final Fantasy XIV patch notes have been posted a lot, such as patch 4.1. Players have been getting excited about the new raids. Today Square Enix hinted at a possible version of Final Fantasy XIV for the Nintendo Switch, which would be huge. Everyone on the Final Fantasy XIV team loves this specific console, be sure to know more information, read more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

The recent launch of early access for Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Stormblood, has seemingly brought a huge influx of players to the game. Worlds are reaching their capacity and forcing players to endure log-in queues, which sometimes move very slowly. Square Enix has been updating players on its progress addressing issues over the past few days.

Yoshida noted that, during peak times, these queues can range from 1,000 to 5,000 players. Square Enix is exploring ways to resolve the situation but is encouraging players to consider transferring to a different World. Yoshida explained: “We apologize for the inconvenience. You will be able to login more quickly if you continue to wait instead of cancelling your queue.”

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NHL 18 Mode And Control Schemes: There Are Three Control Schemes

For NHL 18’s new mode, NHL THREES differs from the core game in some crucial ways. Arguably, this is a sillier mode, which means that inject some arcade-style fire into what’s normally a more dry and serious sports simulator. On the whole, the arenas are more colorful, the rink is smaller, there are so many mascots.

NHL 18

As noted before, owing to the rink is much smaller, hence, resulting in chaotic with easily. But, it is noteworthy that you need mastery some tricks, stay tuned to U4GM for more tricks and guides on the game, see more at here. The game introduced brand new NHL THREES mode, the all-new, arcade-inspired hockey experience features faster gameplay, bigger hits and high-scoring action that’s easy to pick-up-and-play.

In NHL 18, there are three control schemes. First and foremost, the player is able to maneuver offensively using the stick, pulling it back to set up slap shots and passing to set up sneakier shots thanks to the useful AI. Secondly, an NHL 94 control option can be selected, for maximum retro appeal. Finally, the default make the right analog stick analogous to the hockey stick,you will be able to shift in position and shoot the puck with motion rather than button presses.

Fans are getting extremely excited since the release date of NHL 18 was unveiled. When they know that they will be able to experience all-new NHL THREES and more in NHL 18, NHL THREES is one of the most anticipated mode for fans all over the world. Hockey fans can’t wait until the new EA SPORTS NHL game is released. U4GM is a professional NHL 18 Coins supplier that what you need.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Summer Ariana Event Coming

Final Fantasy announced a music-themed summer event for Brave Exvius. Officially it will begin on August 18 and will run up until September 1. As we know Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available to Android and IOS device now, and this event is free to all players. What make us thrilled is that more pop star version will be also adopted  in the game. Like Ariana Grande and she’s famous leather bunny look.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Summer Ariana Event Coming
The new character is named “Chic Ariana”, created by western singer. If players want to get new new character they must complete event called “Musical Showdown”. And once Chic Ariana is available to you, you probably want to get some exclusive gear for her. As for how to get rewards and event gear players can  battle against a new boss or Bard Spirit. The Chic Ariana equipment, “Fashionable Dancewear,” “Microphone Stand” and “Magical Scrunchie”, will also be available to equip in battle.

And also, there’s a Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius fan event will be host by Square Enix, Producer Kei Hirono, and Hiroki Fujimoto; during New York Comic Con. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the game in west.