The Play Experience on Madden NFL 18

Madden 18 is still a few months to release, most Madden 18 fans are waiting, but do you know that some one has been able to play to this new game yet? Although we are not as lucky as they are, but today we share the play experience of them on Madden NFL 18.


In my many games playing EA Play this year, I can only view a sports game, that is Madden NFL 18. I chose this particular game lineup, just as I am most familiar with. This year is released 3v3 MUT Squads mode. This is of course the Madden Ultimate Team, where you build a team and then fight against others. At this point, I have played every Madden for more than a decade, and for football, I am not very big, I have a good understanding of the movement. In addition to the regression of this model, this is a major change in the series because they are transferred to the Frostbite engine.

This is part of EA’s strong promotion of everyone sharing resources, from which I noticed that the game looks very similar. This is a good thing, because these engine changes usually have a rough patch in the first year, and I need more time to pay attention to smaller details to make the experience basically the same. Whether we are in defense, attack or push the ball, this game is how to deal with. Madden’s core game is not much different, although using a controller, but I am not accustomed to this movement, it is the same as ever.

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