EA SPORTS NHL 18 Delivers The Creativity Of Today’s Young NHL

Due to the NHL brand new Creative Attack controls and the all-new Defensive Skill Stick, EA SPORTS NHL 18 delivers the creativity of today’s young NHL. It’s safe to say that the all-new Defensive Skill Stick gives you the tools to counter attacks with poke check targeting, and controlled stick sweeps to cover zones of the ice and take away lanes and extended pokes.

NHL 18

NHL THREES is one of main features for NHL 18, a bold new take on fast-paced, over-the-top 3-on-3 hockey action, while Franchise Mode sees players reshape the entire NHL with the new Expansion Draft feature where you get to create and draft a 32nd NHL team and shake up the league.

Beside that NHL THREES, it also includes two modes, EA SPORTS Hockey League, and Online Vs, if you longing to know more about the features, recommend you visit here to get more.

According to perception, the cover athlete of NHL 18 is McDavid. At the same time, the game introduces some new modes, mechanics as well as gameplay features never-before-seen in the Franchise. Publisher Electronic Arts has also shared the full batch of brand-new features coming to the game when it launches this September on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Review: The World Of Vvanderfell Expands

The Elder Scrolls series is well known, and in recent years has become even more popular among the general public, due to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In addition to that, as it appears from the name of the title, four other titles have been released in the main series, and we have seen extra releases with An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire and The Elder Scrolls Adventures, which offered a different note from the main Titles of the series. On a similar pattern was The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG based on the universe of the series, giving players for the first time completing missions, dungeons, and more with their friends and fighting through various modes that we will discuss below. It is worth mentioning that it is the first MMORPG of the series, while its first major expansion has just been released and is called Morrowind.


In the first major expansion of the title, players are faced with a new story being played at Vvanderfell, an island in the Morrowind area. More specifically, the events of this story are placed around 700 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Vivec, the legendary protector of Vvanderfell, loses his power because of illness and players are invited to tour familiar locations – at least for those who have played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – in an effort to solve the mystery of his illness.

Of course, those who have not played The Elder Scrolls Online in the past have the opportunity to enjoy the original story of the title. This story is placed a millennium before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and we have two different events running at the same time. One concerns the destiny of the world and the other the ultimate power in Tamriel. And these pieces of the story are available with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Edition in case you have not already played them, which means you will be dealing with several different chapters of the story.


By going to the creation of our character, in addition to the many hours we will eat to make the appearance of this, we have some more important decisions. Initially choose one of the three alliances available. In particular, we have the Daggerfall Covenant, which has been created to protect its people, and if even Tamriel can be from any threat, the Aldmeri Dominion, which it believes is the only one that can eradicate the threat in the Tamriel and created by Elves and Khajiit felines, and Ebonheart Pact, which was created during a war in East Tamriel and consists of Skyrim Nords, Morrowind’s Dark Elves, and Free Argonians, all ready to fight against Of any threat .

In addition to the alliance, the player has the option of choosing between one of the three races, ie a race, that makes up any alliance. So for the Daggerfall Covenant we have Breton, Redguard and Orc, for the Aldmeri Dominion of High Elf, Wood Elf and Khajiit, and for Ebonheart Pact Dark Elf, Nord and Argonian. Each race has different bonuses in player stats. For example, Dark Elves have extra stamina to make more moves. Ending with the main part of character creation we have the classes, with each of them specializing in a different field and are: Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, and the brand new Warden added with Morrowind’s expansion.

The main features of a character are divided into Magicka, Health and Stamina, which are upgraded with attribute points given each time our character level up. Besides these, he has other statistics on the faster recharging of the above three, magic damage, weapon damage and resistance to the various attacks we can accept. All this changes with the equipment our player has, as in all MMORPGs, we have the weapons, the player’s clothes and the accessories.

eso image3

Perhaps the biggest part of The Elder Scrolls Online, in terms of character development, is skill. Each race and each class have different skills. The skills are divided into classes, those of class, weapons, armor, world and race. As long as we use one of these, such as a class skill, we get levels for them and unlock new skills that were not available in the past. These levels are separate from those of our character, but the skill points used for them are only taken from the level up of the hero. These skills give a wide variety of choices and strategies for different play styles, which each game of its kind must have.

As in most MMORPGs, here’s where we have a main story and hundreds of side quests. As we proceeded with the main story, we were able to do several dozen side quests, which in addition to experience points offer us objects. The positive with the secondary missions is that we have the opportunity to take a better look at the environment that other times we can overcome without giving it meaning.

The Morrowind area is too beautiful and has a great variety of places to discover. From various caves, up to journals in strange places that fill us with chunks of the Elder Scrolls story. Equally interesting variety is also available to the enemies with whom we will face, which will often be quite challenging and will not be easy to win. This is quite positive as it keeps the player interested in what combinations he will need to use to be effective on any enemy without making it too easy that would result in him being quickly bored.

As far as the map is concerned, the world of The Elder Scrolls Online is big enough, giving us a tidy dose of Tamriel. More specifically, Morrowind may be just a part of the map, but it is great enough, and certainly those who have not played the title again, will see that there are too many and large areas that will keep you for several hours when you finish by Vvanderfell . In addition to side quests, the maps are filled with dungeons that add even more interesting sites to explore.


In addition to these, a great addition to the Morrowind extension is the new modes it offers. Initially, we have a new trial, in which 12 players enter the Telvanni of Tel Fyr tower and are called to fight at the Halls of Fabrication while exploring a part of Clockwork City. The second addition is a new PvP mode, ie players are fighting other players in real time. More specifically, it is called Battlegrounds and involves the battle of three groups of four people on three different arena-like maps and placed in Ashlands of Morrowind. Unfortunately, one of the complaints we have from this mode is that its matchmaking was unbalanced, since the bonus from the players’ equipment remains unlike the character points that are deactivated. This results in winning the one who has … dressed better and not the one who knows how to handle his player better.

One of the biggest questions you have is “well, MMORPG with a controller?” And yet, Bethesda has done an excellent job of adapting the necessary buttons to the limited keys of a controller without missing anything. Even better, those who are used to playing with a controller will see that it is quite handy to handle both the character and the attacks.


Morrowind is adding material to The Elder Scrolls Online, but also waking memories to fans of The Elder Scrolls III. It is an expansion with plenty of hardware, new modes and much more, and it is worth recalling that it does not need subscription unlike other MMOs. The material is not optimal and some corrections are needed, but we are sure the fans of the game will not be disappointed. More ESO news we will post here in www.eso-gold.com, you can keep eyes close in our site.

Main NHL 18 Features: Experience Expansion In The New NHL

NHL 18 not only brings several new game modes, but it brings an array of brand new dekes. NHL 18 is the latest installment to EA’s professional ice hockey simulation lineup. For The Game’s Features, we will made a simple introduction. Before the release of NHL 18, more official news will be updated irregularly, stay tuned U4GM.

NHL 18

Let’s Briefly Take A Look At These Features

Experience expansion in the new NHL
Expansion draft
More expansion locations

The Ice Is Your Playground
Defensive skill stick
Creative attack dekes
Creative teammate A.l.
Authentic 3-on-3 EASHL

Arcade-inspired 3-on-3 hockey
All action
NHL threes
New arenas
Ultimate couch co-op
Threes online – NHL threes
Campaign mode – NHL threes
Play by your rules – in NHL threes
New Broadcast and commentary presentation

Above mentioned features, details information can be viewed at U4GM and click here to know more. NHL 18 is slated to be released on Friday, September 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release date is coming, you had better buy NHL 18 Coins right now. You will be able to buy the cheapest coins at U4GM.

MU Legend: The Developer Team Studied Every Aspect Of The Game

After several years of development, MU Legend bringing a new milestone in long history to gamers outside of Korea. To celebrate the Open Beta Test globally will be released on September, the developer and publisher revealed new trailer and some news, you can see more at here. Gamers can be allowed to learn more about the world, the classes and the content.

MU Legend

The developer team studied every aspect of the game, the game set the standard, and was hugely advanced for its time, most of gamers stressed that it was the best playing game they’d ever touched. MU Legend created a genre that has shaped the entire course of game. Interested players in sharing their views about the game or saw other gamers’s views, you can go to website.

The gameplay of MU Legend provides a deeper immersion into the core mechanics of the game, featuring a PvE (player vs. monsters) and PvP (player vs. player). Also, with the world-wide expeditions, not only is there a major story to follow, but players can also progress in a non-linear fashion. There will be numerous side missions to complete throughout the continent.

Why MU Legend is it different? MU Legend is the sequel prequel to the original and one of the longest-running massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MU Online. MU Legend was previously known by its project name of MU2. However, MU Legend‘s storyline is a prequel to MU Online by a few centuries, in the coming months, we will meet the Global Open Beta Test for the game. It’s wise to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM.

New Target Passing Mechanic In Madden 18

Madden 18 can combine the effects of scoring, control, and animation as well as any game in the series history as the animation in the game is placed in an animation corresponding to the player’s command and rating for each player involved in the live event. For more madden 18 information, welcome to madden-store, where you will find plenty of madden mobile coins for sale.


Remember that this is still part of the theory, but I like the way it sounds, there is reason to believe that the development team’s efforts have been successful. The impression mentioned in this article comes from hardcore football players, so their opinions should have some important significance.

The new goal of passing the mechanic is a function that I am very happy to try and I am interested in looking at the overall response of the Madden community. And if you want to buy madden mobile coins at that time, welcome to madden-store, all Madden NFL 18 coins for sale on the site are handmade and safe, you will never worry about your NFL account if you buy madden coins on the site.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Expansion Will Be A Really Simple Task

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a gift for those who love the third installment of the franchise. Our return to the region of Vvardenfell is a constant homage to the original work; The veterans of the brand will be reunited with old friends in locations they discovered on another day, but with the freshness of today’s vision. 700 years of difference between one and the other are nothing, and from the point of view of the background it is interesting to know how the island looked before the later events. With this expansion, special emphasis has been placed on those players who enjoy the solo title. The treatment to the main adventure is such that it could almost happen through a complementary work of the series.

Just over 3 years have served to weld a base that had its weaknesses, but now balanced by other great virtues. The expansion we have in hand is not similar in size and added to any of the DLCs it received in the previous months, this being the first ‘chapter’ we hope many will be. Morrowind has been designed by and for the saga enthusiast; The love that he distils in the use of his own background and how he moves part of the sensations of the original within the Online formula is indescribable. We can check it from the first moment, just land on the docks of Seyda Neen – the door to Vvanderfell. Everything is as we remembered even though our current incursion is 700 years before the events of the original.


The familiarity of the locations in the extension of the terrain is totally normal. The company imported the data from the entire original map to build on it, which allows us to have almost a hundred percent the portion we had in its day. Obviously he is a little adulterated for the occasion, but a veteran player could almost be completely oriented by just following his sight. The vegetation remains as abrupt as usual, but it is true that the picture here is much more lively and hopeful than the work under the same name, where the greyish tones and decay permeated the environment.

Introducing ourselves in the expansion will be a really simple task and not at all close to that of other competitors in the genre. If you create a character of zero you will have the opportunity to choose which experience to start before, whether the original or the new one. Both have tutorials – which can be omitted – and different first steps, but in the end it is an issue that will only impact the opening hours. As discussed earlier on the One Tamriel upgrade, the expansion benefits greatly from its changes. The user is free to choose when and how to enjoy the product regardless of the level or group in which it is. If you want to continue with your own character, you will receive a letter within your inventory that will ask for your presence for an audience with Vivec, the famous divinity that will be part of the main plot.

The company’s efforts to break the previously imposed limits have made a practical sense. The normal thing in the genre with an expansion of this caliber would have been to bet on improving the experience among companions: great numbers of missions that follow similar patterns, multitude of equipment and rotation among all of them … With The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the opposite . We are faced with content that seeks to impress lonely wolves while giving the opportunity to be enjoyed with others.

The sensations to the controls through the plot line have been a complete surprise within the genre. We had the feeling of even being in a complementary adventure of the third installment with the resources of today; As if it were a small title in the series. All the narrative of the chain of missions of Vivec has a treatment similar to that we can find in any other game under the same seal, and that allows to hook us more if it fits to the events that happen around us. This virtue extends also to the design of missions, where we will find sea adventures of interesting in the playable plane.

As we progress, other channels will open that will allow us to know a little more the political and social intrigues of the place. In part of them, unfortunately, the same thing does not happen. Yes we notice a lack of freshness, as if it were stuffed, they do not bring anything interesting in the playable plane except for argument studies. But, breathe easy: the ups and downs that surround the main thread are not frequent. From our beginning to the end of the journey, it took us just over thirty hours; We were more than satisfied in the overall calculation. From that moment the objective is to provide and seek new allies to meet the test included in the expansion: Halls of Fabrication.

The little more than 30 hours of the main adventure have surprised us by the design of missions atypical for the genre we are in, although the contents around suffer some ups and downs. In fact, once witnessed the outcome we do not see many reasons to continue staying in their world. The new Test for twelve players, exploring and reliving old experiences is the only thing that could bind us, but it is not enough. The Warden, first class added to the starting cast since its release, is a versatile option, useful for both great styles of play. But it needs various adjustments to fit better into large groups.

The relationship between PVE and PVP content also does not fit the demands of the second sector. We expected that the Battleground rooms would be less dependent on the equipment of the players, but at the moment it gives rise to unbalanced combats. The great alternative to Cyrodiil’s fight should be more solid. We will see in time. In general terms the expansion may disappoint or not according to your preferences, but it is somewhat short of what it could give of itself.

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Albion Online: Start Shot For The Sandbox Online Role Playing Game

For five years, developers of Sandbox Interactive have been working on Albion Online and intensively tested and improved the sandbox online role playing game during betaphases. The game is official shot. Owners of a Legendary Founder or Starter Pack can get started right away. Players with an Epic Founder or Starter Pack may start at 3:00 pm tomorrow (Tuesday, July 18, 2017). Veteran Founder or Starter can log on from Wednesday (19 July 2017 at 15:00).

albion game

“We are very proud to announce that the Albion Online live server is online and running, and the first Legendary adventurers have already arrived at the shores of the starter islands. As Albion Online is now officially released, everyone starts with a clean slate and history is ready to be written,” said Stefan Wiezorek, CEO of Sandbox Interactive.

MU Legend: The Music Is Surprisingly Good And Graphics Nearly Perfect

For the first Closed Beta Test of MU Legend, and received more than 200,000 pre-registrations. The second Closed Beta Test also get a lot of support. Hence, developers and publishers are hoping to get even more with the upcoming Open Beta Test. If you want to learn more news and guides, tips and videos, reference from here.

MU Legend

MU Legend is pretty damn unique and even challenging. The graphics of MU Legend are very good, WebZen did a great job with the textures, colors, environmentals and combination of region themes and inhabiting critters. Animations are smooth and fluid while particles are average. In a word, the graphics, combat, item drops, character progression, class skills, dailies, rifts and monsters — it all flows and comes together very well.

The UI is smooth, the music is surprisingly good and the boss fights are interactive and fun but not overwhelming. Leveling is also enjoyable, and the ability to lay out different skill setups is also a very good thing. Traveling throughout the world is easy, and interacting with other players brings a level of community to the game that D3 and PoE just don’t have.

The game offers a variety of content for players from several dungeons to a guild system and even an arena. Is MU Legend a game worth playing? At U4GM, you will be able to get what all you want to, such as MU Legend guides, cheats, tips, tricks, screenshots, videos as well as more funny stuff. On top of that, even if MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling, U4GM will adjust to the lowest price.

The Plot Of FFXIV Stormblood Is The Best And At First Sight

Final Fantasy XIV now has the content and longevity it needs to keep players engaged. FFXIV Stormblood is a hefty expansion, it has already gone above and beyond the experience delivered in Heavensward. There is a lot to explore, quests to attempt and enemies to fight in Stormblood and you will spend a significant chunk of your time just attempting some of the side-content before you progress in the main story.

Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, with essentially three roles—damage, healing and tanking—adding two more damage jobs to the mix was an odd choice. The addition of Red Mage and Samurai bring the total damage jobs in Final Fantasy XIV to nine, compared to three each healer and tank. The new additions are a blast to play with some very cool mechanics. For more information about the Final Fantasy XIV new added jobs, please click here.

Even if the game is notorious for offering fetch quests, the developers have attempted to change it somewhat with Stormblood. Such type of quests still exist but now some of them are tied to the lore so in a way, attempting them is an interesting process in itself since you will learn more about the game. Each area with bring new type of challenges to attempt while offering quests that dive into the lore for the particular area.

The plot of Stormblood is the best, at first sight, of everything. It is more than a simple story in which a great and varied cast of characters gives greater depth. You can enjoy the new expansion without any problem. The game “playability” has been consolidated with this expansion, which is more comfortable and simple. This aspect can be noticed more easily thanks to the new interfaces in relation to what each of the jobs are. It is noteworthy that FFXIV4GIL promise to delivers cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling with big discount.

TESO: New DLC Expansion Horns Of The Reach Includes Two Dungeons

The ZeniMax Online Studios have announced details of the first major update for The Elder Scrolls Online following the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind in June. Update 15 and the DLC player expansion “Horns of the Reach” appear in August.

The content of “Horns of the Reach” is available through the Crown Store and alternatively as part of a membership of ESO Plus. Update 15 appears free for all players. The DLC player expansion “Horns of the Reach” includes the two dungeons “Bloodroot Forge” and “Falkreath Hold”.

ESO update 15

The (free) update 15 includes:

  • New PvP Battlegrounds map: Arcane University
  • New PvP Battlegrounds game type: Chaosball
  • (PvP Battlegrounds are only available to players who own ESO: Morrowind)
  • Abolish research project
  • Guild Invite History
  • Changes to the currency system
  • Customizable combat hints
  • New Houses and Furnishings for Homestead
  • Error corrections and adjustments

Horns of the Reach will be available within a few weeks, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and weapons ahead. If you need ESO gold in game, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.