Let’s Analyze Both Pros And Cons Of Mu Legend

To be honest, Mu Legend is a quite potential gameplay, if you had been waiting and wondering about the fate of Webzen’s followed-up to Mu Origins, and you could get the best answers while you accessing to official website: https://www.u4gm.com/mu-legend.


Actually, Mu Legend Is A Slow To Build Game. Let’s Take A Look At Its Pros And Cons
Nice class design fun skill usage
Music is pretty good and dynamic to fighting
Gear changes based off of what is picked up

This is minor but 3 beta’s and the 5th class is still not available
The game maybe a little too linear. Not much deviation from the quest path.
The game doesn’t encourage much grouping. It seems more like a loner game.
Skills seem a little over powered. Even watching people end game it doesn’t change

The first beta had four playable gender locked characters which are Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage. There is a 5th future playable character teased believed to be Summoner or something else new. Unfortunately, the character wasn’t playable in this beta. How to get cheap Mu Legend Zen? firstly, you need to visit U4GM.