NBA 2K17 Patch And Gameplay Issues: Patch Notes For PS4 And Xbox One

Just recently, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, NBA 2K17’s 1.06 update has been released. Several gameplay bugs have been fixed by the patch notes, nonetheless, for the previous update, it’s said to that it’s not addressed. Beware of fake websites, for latest NBA 2K17 news, you can access official websites:


The most notable bug fix is that of the Pro-Am’s which is causing a lot of problems to gamers, iDigital Times notes. For those who are still about to download the update, it will cost you a storage of 7.4GB on PS4, 139.5 MB on PC, and 2.6 GB on Xbox One.

NBA 2K17 creators posted the contents of the latest patch released on their official Facebook page. They specified the improvements they made for the gameplay, mypark 2k/Pro-Am, and for the game in general. Most of the issues addressed does not overhaul any of the game’s major aspects but are just tweaks of the available features.

One good thing about the update is that it addressed dribbling animation issues which bothered some gamers. Also noted are the following positive changes it made for the CPU intelligence: it allows users to play and get into offensive sets faster and achieve “unrealistic speed bursts”. Players have been thinking of how to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Because the full list of patch notes provided has given clarity and improvements to most issues addressed in the game, the update has received a lot of good feedback. For now, NBA 2K17’s next goal should be to fix the server-side issues that is still facing right now.

When it comes to locker codes, now that it’s available on some gaming platforms. At the same time, gamers can acquire more advantage in their gameplay with the help of these locker codes. Even if regarding the detailed fixes of the game have been provided by the creators. In addition to this, they aslo emphasis on that minor adjustments are also available, gamers merely need to explore these. Moreover, for fanatic fans of NBA 2K17, they have chance to experience the VR version soon via HTC Vive as well as PlayStation VR. For some avid players, they have been busying buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT via visit various official websites.