Team 2K Update News: Kyrie Irving Joins

Cavaliers won 30 points in the NBA Final Game 3.That bring a lifeline for them in this series.Cavaliers starting line-up performance well. James and Irving combined for 62 points in Game 3.After Game 3,Team 2K’s twitter announced that Kyrie is the latest reveal for Team 2K.


After the downturn in the previous two,Now,we saw a huge performance .How about the Game 4?Who will be the final NBA star to join Team 2K?We don’t know.As long as we have wonderful game 4 to enjoy and good NBA 2K games to play.

NBA 2k17:Wait Four Days More Or Get More Goodies

There are three versions NBA 2K17 you can pre-order on Xbox One or PS4 for difference price.

The standard edition with George on the cover is $59.99.People who pre-order the standard edition will receive 5000 virtual currency,and that’s really pretty good for you to get a MYTEAM bundle guaranteed to include a George Free card and more.

Some die-hard can’t help asking why Paul George revealed as the cover star of NBA 2K17.Here Alfie Brody explains that Paul George is a “natural fit” as the Indiana Pacers star is a “true embodiment” of what the company brings to the table for gamers and fans of the sport.

We learned the game would be released on September 20 for the PS4 and Xbox One.Fans who pre-order could get early access in September 16.In other words,thees who are not pre-order now need to wait four days more and with no reward.

There are legends edition with Kobe Bryant,and another Gold Edition also featuring The Black Mambaundefined.As you know,The price of this two editions is more expensive,the reward is also more.We all need to wait,but do you want to get more goodies or wait four days more?