WOW Power Leveling in the WOW

For a level 1 adventurer in “World of Warcraft,” your options for reaching the glorious peaks of level 100 (the latest maximum, enabled by the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion) are many.You can play hard for months, you can turn over your account to a “power leveler” — or, now, you can simply pay $60.

Yes, Blizzard has finally thrown the switch on the controversial ability to pay for levels — but the truth is it’s not quite the “pay-to-win” scheme some may think it is.”WoW” is unlike games that rely on microtransactions to give the player boosts and extra power, for instance “Candy Crush Saga.”

In “WoW,” the game when you are WOW Power Leveling up to the maximum is fundamentally different from the game you play when you’re at the maximum.This “endgame” content is the main reason that many play WoW, as it is the most competitive and high stakes — hundreds of veteran warriors with the best gear and abilities, clashing for loot, glory, or both.

But it takes so long to get to the endgame that players often resort to third-party services that get their characters through the early levels — with real players or automated “bots.” These services can be shady, however, and take time.

Blizzard has tacitly acknowledged the need to fast-forward the game by offering free level boosts with expansions of the game, but this is the first time that you can buy levels as a separate purchase.

World of Warcraft, I hope I can love you long time.

I am a new World of Warcraft players. From fast food to online classic games from the automatic routing map to Azeroth.

I admit, though World of Warcraft has entered middle age, but I’m still hopelessly in love with her.

Christmas since last year, a man quietly task silently random copy. Whatever else WOW Power Leveling, Cheap WOW Gold.

Experienced abuse accusations.

Experienced confusion.

Experienced helplessness.

This is not World of Warcraft I want. World of Warcraft is really high threshold for newcomers, and other equipment is everything. The best of times gone, the old envy of Warcraft players. Now, I can be alone, doing the task, fishing. Slowly appreciate Azeroth, hoping to find a bit of the initial move.

World of Warcraft, I hope I can love you long time.

If the official Blizzard to Cheap WOW Gold

Depth Analysis: Why not sell Blizzard “World of Warcraft ” gold

Why World of Warcraft, although five years had a group G, WOW Power Leveling, etc., but has not encountered difficulties ? Plug-in, hit G studios can stop these forward Warcraft, World of Warcraft Blizzard management magic in the end is what ? Why do not they sell the game Blizzard gold?

1. Inflation terror

The game is a virtual community, the game’s currency, price, value, and we are in real life.If the coins were indiscriminately sold, then the gold market liquidity will be far higher than the number of cargo goods game, which will cause a serious imbalance in the economy, the end result is the gold devaluation.

2. Blizzard’s bottom line

Blizzard ignore the need for players to buy gold for another reason.Some people say that if the official Blizzard to Cheap WOW Gold, then gold will allow studios, hacking hacker bankruptcy closed. But in fact, this view is too optimistic, and I think once Blizzard to sell gold, it will provoke a price war with coins studio, this will stimulate the production of more plug-in, hacking, phishing sites…… so vicious cycle. In this competition Blizzard is obviously at a disadvantage.

Today, sales of Warcraft gold has formed an industry That I do not know now you are not able to understand the “World of Warcraft” Why there are so many goods it burn gold.For example, twenty thousand gold Dalaran Mammoth pull the wind, such as engineering and manufacturing of motorcycles, though motorcycle manufacturing engineering, but the materials needed to make this thing many are purchased from the NPC, the price is about the same 10,000 gold bars. There are also a variety of expensive riding, professional skills (Dalaran have a magic shop will sell a mage skill books : become a cat surgery, the price is quite expensive)…… Blizzard This is to encourage players to consumption, recycling market coins in circulation, thereby stabilizing prices and, by reducing the rate of expansion of World of Warcraft.