The most talked about game-Runescape


RuneScape, is a real online game , you need to be registered as a free or paid membership in each role here is a real person . In this medieval arena , you can choose to do warrior, archer , magician ; also can choose cooks , carpenters, smelting division . In the game you will see dwarves , giants , witches , monks, Savage , pirates, Jiang corpse , lizard people , monsters , demons and different animals ( rat small to large dragon has ) and so on. There are 51 kinds of attack magic, 15 kinds of protective magic, 50 clearance issues , five cities, a barren continent and countless underground castle, constitute the entire world.

It is the ancient medieval times to the theme , in addition to the main with the fighting and ranged , there is also magic and God’s prayer. Runescape players rely mainly on fighting, others for assistance. Runescape addition to the fighting , there are also other skills , mainly used to manufacture objects , for example, smithing ( mainly used to manufacture metal products ), crafting ( manufacturing clothes , things made ??of clay , jewelry , etc., in paid version has more members in this regard thing ), mining (smithing closely related ), cooking ( used to make food , the higher the level , the more types of food can be made ) . In Runescape , after injury with food to ” pay back ” hitpoint ‘s . fishing is the main source of food , because the fish can be cooked before eating , and cooking so closely related . logging and fire is not important skills. Paying members edition woodcutting in the more important , particularly because there are a lot of trees , which are useless in freegame.

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