RuneScape The new Community Roundup

If you are members of the clan community, you can put together a brand-new community-driven Clan Cup competition: the annual event where clans from all corners of RuneScape compete in trials of combat, skilling and a mixture of the two. The rewards you can get including a custom-designed clan motif, your clan name engraved onto the clan cup plaques in-game, and more! Get involved this week with a brand-new Multi Clan Event! This week the clans will be taking on the Fist of Guthix minigame on the 14th September at 6pm BST.

Here’s your weekly run-down of all the great stuff going on within the RuneScape community. Vorago Competition. There‚Äôs still time to show off your Vorago-fighting skills in our Vorago Competition! Show us your best attempts, funniest mistakes and your best montage skills. You still have a great chance to win a lovely selection of awesome prizes!

All above is for this week’s Community Round-Up. Join us again next week when we’ll have even more from the RuneScape community! There will be another really good chance to win lovely prize.