League most hated player behavior

If you play four friends, you know very well , you always have a good time. But if you solo queue and play with four complete strangers , the situation may be completely different. My time in both groups ( only one or two friends ) and solo queue revealed that there are several prototypes annoying LOL players can not be denied.

Internet Tough Guy

It always starts the same , the other team who has made a significant advantage in their driveway. They’ve got a few kills in advance , they gave them a boost gold bit project advantages . Sure enough, they are still slimy no place winner , he / she who is their moment of triumph , they / all chat like ” That’s right ! RUN, NOOBS! Afraid of me ! “Here to supply Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Really, people ? All over the place is a total bad ass , your choice is a hero league shamelessly through intimidation ? You do not have anything else going on in your life?

We did not leave a deep impression, your ” amazing” 4/0/2 Streak , when you start typing a little cute insult , most people just end up feeling bad for you .

No insults and mature

I do not deny , LOL takes time and skill, is very good . Besides, I love my some proper trash talking . However, this game is really something to be bragging about it ? Implementation ? I worry that too many of these children do not self-conscious irony, the most rational adults remain schadenfreude. The idea makes me a little sad.

Through the game as a commander

You just join the queue , the guy has been in it . “Do not pick convulsions We need a tank. Someone to pick up the tank. Too much AP. Switch you two , I’m going to instalock Karthus ‘s .”

When the game starts , he is it . “Le Monde , Lux robot Pantheon, you go to the top and I Interim CALL MIAS everyone .” As he was concerned , this guy has your next thirty minutes . You are nothing more than his NPC. He will tell you what to pick what level of magic . He died in his criticism of the time spent on your build . He should start to give you how to play every team orders .

No matter what I say is correct. Do what I tell you. “Really ? “

LOL about teamwork. No one without the help of his teammates to win the game . You may have more experience than others , I have no objection to share your wisdom . That being said , no one likes a dictator . Once you enter you join a 30-minute democracy solo queue. Everyone deserves to be heard , regardless of their level of experience. No one will become a drudge some dude , they just met on the internet .

Players complain about everything

This 2083,718 player’s basic function is to complain about anything , everything happens in a game , he lost . Common features , there is no what happens is his fault. He displayed his normal one of two forms .

The first is the enemy team . Make sure that everyone had died seven or eight times , nobody gets more than two to kill , but it can be traced back to top feed their Champs Elysees. Of course, if you look at things subjectively , you will find that most likely the plaintiff in the same time span no less than those poor souls at the top dead. This is just a simple fact that he chose to ignore . Another interesting consistency , I noticed that almost all of these guys , they are almost always Ashe .

The second is to never give up trash talking . Your team has just dunk your enemies. They inhibitors and the score was about 27-10 in your favor. Suddenly, this lamp hate yourself in the / all chat. ” Whatever, man , you are not even good .”

Not even good ? Do you see the score ? Typically at this point, Mr. grudge point back to his first form , so you walk in they accused teammates. But before long her focus back to your team. “You did not even create the right .” Seems to work pretty well for me. “I can take anything you 1v1 ‘s .” Real shame , this is a 5v5 game , is not it ? This poor little boy is in denial . It’s funny , if it was not so sad.

Please stop complaining

We all know that no matter what, will hate the enemy. I think this whole article but I hate my own special way . I want to be along with each other .