FFXIV the NA and EU players apologize

For many Final Fantasy 14 : Rebirth of the realm, players in North America and Europe , it has been a difficult weekend .

FFXIV operation and expected intense , a lot of fans get the chance to jump into the game already ordered a full launch tomorrow , August 27 prior to the early access .

When the players in the game , the report is very positive, but some of the spelling error messages doom playing time at the weekend. Error 90000 and 3102 are reproduced from the test phase 4 and more urgent repair downtime and no increase disconnected and can not go

Many players can not progress with their roles, as they will be stalled classes and story missions part of a chain , you need an instance, the instance of the server takes a particularly cruel flutter .


Many players are frustrated , director and producer Naoki Yoshida responded in FFXIV official forums :

“FINAL FANTASY XIV: a realm of rebirth development team representative, I think those who have difficulty using the NA / EU Early Access participants in the data center to extend my deepest apologies .

In response to a variety of problems , we have carried out emergency repairs in the last few days several times. The first instance , which is carried out six hours after the start of early access is to solve the error 90000 and 3000 , which was first discovered in the fourth stage of the β testing purposes .

Our server team , and then began to take measures to enhance the lobby and responsibilities viewfinder server performance. Subsequent emergency repairs are necessary to achieve their changes.

Planned maintenance , after verification examples combat duty greatly improved the stability of the viewfinder . However, we found that certain hall server has been configured properly, we are forced to conduct simple repairs to solve this problem .

Although we have successfully solved many serious problems in the past few days , but we have decided to implement the login time restrictions to be placed on the server due to extremely heavy loads. In this way, we can ensure that the maximum number of players can play the game without having to worry about a server crash . I know no one wants to wait for login, but I hope you understand why we believe this precaution is necessary.

Again, I would like to sincerely apologize that our players have been able to enjoy early access because of the huge congestion, attendant problems , and frequent maintenance .

Development and operations teams that everyone is committed to provide our customers with the best possible experience , we will continue to do our utmost to resolve any remaining future problems. ”

Currently, the experience of the players into the game at the time of writing is very smooth, but at the time, most of North America is asleep or at work / school will later today , of course , the official run , this will be the acid test server.

While the game itself is enjoyable , Square Enix has in its hands a big task cream fans troubles, those who are considering trying the rent control negative publicity .

Some players log in and leave their roles in the game before the limit indefinitely sure the server is started crunching demand today for the players , they are in their own world of choice . It should be noted that, although the players are accustomed to the fact that there is no Final Fantasy games kick FFXIV idle , which can not help server load.

With so many reports an enjoyable experience in the actual playing, I hope Yoshi – P and Square Enix company can correct the obvious problem of the server , in order to ensure their future games can run.

When you are playing Eorzea, the great community and all of the resources that you need in your adventure , be sure to check out the FFXIV our forum , XIVwiki XIVDB.

Final Fantasy XIV: Before the start of the preparation

Job unlocks, class starting locations, spiritbonds, and more discussed as Ragar goes through what you’ll need to know for Open Beta and Early Access

What The Heck Does “Spiritbond” Mean?

There is one last thing I want to cover because this kept coming up while I was playing and the game didn’t get around to explaining it to me for ages: Spiritbond. On each piece of equipment your character wears, you’ll notice another bar along the side of the durability gauge on the left. As you fight/gather/craft while wearing these pieces, this gauge will slowly fill up. When it finally hits 100%, you’ll get a message telling you that your equipment is now 100% Spiritbound and is eligible for conversion. No other information beyond that like what Spiritbound means or what you’re converting to – that’s it. You’ll keep seeing this and wondering what it means. Everything will become clear once you hit level 19 and talk to some NPCs at Mutamix’s camp. If you’ve been keeping up with your story quests, you’ll get the breadcrumbs to come out here; otherwise it’s north of Ul’Dah.

241582 Final Fantasy XIV: Before the start of the preparation

When you get there and make your way through all of the quest dialog, you’ll find out that Spiritbond is related to Materia, another system in FFXIV. The conversion the Spiritbound message kept mentioning is the process of turning equipment into Materia to socket in other pieces of gear. Think of it like Disenchanting in other games, but you’re getting a gem out of it with stats related to the piece you’re destroying.

Now that you’ve burned some old gear for Materia, the question is: what do you do with it? Having Materia and a piece with open sockets isn’t enough – you need the proper training to socket an item and that means crafting classes. Want to socket a sword? You’ll need a Blacksmith. Trying to put Materia in your cloth robes? Time to find a Weaver. You can do this all yourself of course, provided you have the appropriate level in the crafting class. Another thing to note is the level of the item you’re dickering and the Materia being used. Try putting a higher level Materia in a lower level item and the stats will drop. This can be kind of annoying at first, especially since many of the pieces you’ll have around that level will drop Materia stats to 0, but I’d imagine things get better with higher level drops than the mishmash of dungeon drops and crafted gear I was using.

241584 Final Fantasy XIV: Before the start of the preparation


There’s so much more I could talk about with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but I think this should be enough to get everyone through Open Beta and ready for Early Access (have to save something for the review, after all). If anyone has any questions about a system I forgot about or more details about some of the classes and systems, let us know in the comments below.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn news

It is no secret that Square-Enix have had more than a few miss-steps in recent years. Between unrealistic targets and more than a few changes in the upper personnel, it’s clear that all is not as well as it could be in the Enix camp. But Square is a proven survivor and over the last few months has begun to identify why it isn’t quite the company it used to be.

Few examples illustrate this better than the turbulent tale of Square’s latest online-only entry in to its long running Final Fantasy series. Initially launched in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV was met with a disappointing response from both fans and critics alike, forcing Square-Enix to even apologise to customers for the game’s lack of quality on several occasions. However, despite the damage to the brand, Square are determined to rectify past mistakes and have been hard at work on FFXIV’s re-launch, aptly titled Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. So the question is, will the damage that was done by its predecessor be forgotten or is FFXIV doomed in any form? By the looks of things it seems Square may back on the right track, but with the wrong business model.

Back in 2002, Square-Enix made a bold move in the release of the online-only Final Fantasy XI. Up until its launch, Square’s online gaming presence was at a minimum and Final Fantasy was a strictly offline experience, leading many to wonder if this was really a smart move for the Japanese gaming goliath. However, between an emerging MMO market and an incredibly unique experience, FFXI made a name for itself as one of the more hardcore MMORPG’s on the market. This allowed it to appeal on a much less beginner friendly level than the likes of World of Warcraft and actually made it stand apart from the competition, for both positive and negative reasons.

0000002411 L 6719a67 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn news

Unfortunately for Square one of these negatives is somewhat detrimental to the MMO business model. Namely a non-beginner friendly system can mean your userbase will struggle to grow and although FFXI was (and still is) an incredibly rewarding experience at later points, many were put off by the time and effort required to reach the more interesting end game content.

Despite many of these elements being dummied down with patches, FFXI suffered because of its nature of design.  It is clear however that Enix has taken heed of this when approaching FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, offering instead a much more friendly first 10-20 hours.

After choosing a race, job type and designing your character, FFXIV drops you into whichever major city pertains to the aforementioned character, much like every MMO of its type. As you may expect you are then introduced to many of the game’s elements slowly over the first 10-20 hours, as well as learning more about your job role. It’s all standard MMO fair, giving experience for almost every action and the opportunity for an incredibly large amount of side quests from the word go. Most side and story quests (at least early on) require killing a certain amount of a particular creature or finding so many of a certain item for an NPC giving the whole thing a formulaic, fetch quest feel. It’s safe to say that any MMO veteran will not be surprised by the content on show here, however it is delivered well, simultaneously leaving little to complain or write home about.

This mix of high and mediocre quality is also present when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s story. Although presenting an interesting tale right from the opening, it is quickly lost amongst the vast amounts of unnecessary dialogue and focus on questing rather than narrative.

0000002411 L 0022951 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn news

Strangely Final Fantasy XIV on the whole gives the feel of a much older MMO in its structure. Littered with fetch quests and dialogue boxes, it feels more like a throwback to the earlier days of the genre than an attempt to push it into new, exciting territories.

However this is not necessarily a bad thing. The tried and tested MMO structure has proved successful for many years now and FFXIV goes out of its way to present it in the most user friendly and aesthetically pleasing way possible. The game looks great and the menus and interfaces work well, even on a DualShock 3, allowing for a smooth experience regardless of the format.

Where FFXIV: A Realm Reborn really shines and breaks new ground is with its combat and job system. Players are now able to change jobs at any time simply by equipping new gear. More jobs are also unlocked at later points as you progress giving a feeling of freedom to the combat that is rarely seen in an MMO. The combat also controls well across all formats, making it one of the most satisfying elements of the game, keeping you hooked, even if the quest is a little dull.

However, despite all of this there is one fundamental potential flaw in Square-Enix’s new flagship MMO and it comes in the form of their choice of business model. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is set to be a subscription-based MMO costing roughly £10 a month, a system that has not brought success for many in recent times. With MMO’s like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online being forced to change their strategy post release, it will be interesting to see if FFXIV doesn’t end up in the realms of Free-to-Play within a year or so of it launching.

0000002411 L 9ba79b0 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn news

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is in no way a bad game. It is a massive improvement on the games original form and brings a more than competent MMO experience to the gamer. Despite this however, Square has clearly gone for a more traditional structure and business model that could hurt it. With games like Guild Wars 2 not only changing what to expect from the genre, but also doing it with no monthly subscription, Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn may just be approaching the market with a little too much confidence.

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FFXIV explains changes to money and item

Do you want to learn more about FFXIV Power leveling ?

A lot of changes are coming to Final Fantasy XIV when the relaunch finally comes around. Changes to currency and item properties are among the less interesting of those changes, but they’re certainly going to have a big impact on the game. A new update from the development team explains in depth what will be changing, what items will be removed, and what will happen to currency values.

The currency one is what’s going to throw the largest number of players for a loop, as the game is reducing all money values to a tenth of what they once were. To reduce numbers, all money is getting the ones digit removed, meaning that players will be 10% as wealthy as they are now, but all vendor prices will be 10% of their current values. Net purchasing power should be identical.

There will also be a number of items removed from the game, altered, or otherwise changed with the new version. Players will lose several key items and ammunition, and other items will be bound to a player to prevent trading. Take a look at the full rundown for all the particulars on graphics, money, and other mechanical shifts to inventory management.

ffxiv subfees epl 911 Final Fantasy XIV service fees to discontinue on September 29th

Final Fantasy XIV service fees to discontinue on September 29th

ffxiv items epl 1002 FFXIV explains changes to money and item

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Final Fantasy XIV’s current version is approaching its twilight to make way for version 2.0. The servers will go dark, the new version will be tested, and perhaps most importantly, the game will once again discontinue the subscription fee. A recent dispatch from the development team confirms that service fees will be discontinued on September 29th, at which point all billing will stop and cannot be started again until the game relaunches.

Players with currently active subscriptions will be able to continue playing from September 30th up until the game shuts down on November 11th. (The last snapshot of character progress will be on November 1st, however, so the last 10 days of play will not be transferred to the new version.) Players whose subscriptions are already cancelled or will be cancelled after September 30th will not be able to play for free during this period, and the last day to reactivate a subscription or redeem any other codes will be the 29th. Read through the full dispatch for all of the details if you’re not sure where you’ll be after the end of the month, and keep your eyes peeled for more information as the relaunch draws closer.

Paladin:Final Fantasy XIV jobs

460px Paladin Paladin:Final Fantasy XIV jobs Lore

For centuries, the elite of the Sultansworn have served as personal bodyguards to the royal family of Ul’dah. Known as paladins, these men and women marry exquisite swordplay with stalwart shieldwork to create a style of combat uncompromising in its defense. Clad in brilliant silver armor, they charge fearlessly into battle, ever ready to lay down their lives for their liege.

To be a paladin is to protect, and those who choose to walk this path will become the iron foundation upon which the party’s defense is built.
Combat Role

The paladin job sacrifices maximum HP, but this is compensated by way of greatly enhanced defense as well as the ability to cast healing magic. Valiant by nature, a paladin can shield his comrades from blows, making him the unyielding rock upon which a party’s defense is built.

Level 30 Gladiator and level 15 Conjurer.
As a gladiator, talk to Lulutsu in the Coliseum (Gladiators’ Guild), located in the Ul’dah Merchant Strip (5,5). Complete the job quest “Paladin’s Pledge,” and receive the Soul of the Paladin.

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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Phase 4 at tomorrow

Final Fantasy XIV Garuda Final Fantasy XIV Beta Phase 4 at tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, the final beta phase before the early access for Final Fantasy XIV will finally start. To prepare everyone for the big event, Square Enix released some details regarding the open beta.

For those who previously participated in beta phase three several weeks ago will get an instant access as early as tomorrow, August 16th. Gamers who were not given access at the time phase three started can still try out the beta openly but they will be given access on Saturday, August 17th starting at 2AM PDT. If you played the beta on PS3, you will be receiving a new voucher code that you can redeem this Friday.

In this final phase of the beta, Square Enix will be testing the following:


Stress Testing on the Housing Zones

“Mist,” the housing area in Limsa Lominsa, will be available for players to explore. Housing samples will be placed in the area for players to take a look at, so please explore the area. The development team will be tracking the server load in the background so feedback will not be necessary.

* The “Mist” housing area is accessible from Lower La Noscea.

Testing the Basic System of PvP
The PvP content, “The Wolves’ Den,” will be available for players to test. Once players complete the quest “Bowl of Embers,” “The Wolves’ Den” will be added to the duty finder and the PvP battles will be accessible. The development team will monitor the matching precision of the packets sent between the players and see how far of a distance they can successfully attack from, as well as the server load in the background. Therefore, feedback will not be necessary.

* PvP-specific actions will be unavailable.
* Since the requirement to enter “The Wolves’ Den” is level 30 and above, only the players who have transferred character data from Version 1.0 are eligible to participate.
* Please see here for more details on the testing in “The Wolves’ Den.”

As a quick reminder, what you do here in the open beta will carry over to the early access and live servers. If at some point Square Enix comes across a big bug, they might’ve have to do a clean wipe when it launches officially.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is scheduled for release this August 27th on both PS3 and PC. Check back with us near the release date for our review of the game.

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“World of Warcraft” Movie Goes Ahead with New Writer, Director Still Missing

"World of Warcraft" Movie Goes Ahead with New Writer, Director Still Missing

We learned in July that Spider-Man trilogy and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi had signed off of the World of Warcraft movie project that Legendary Pictures has in the works. The film has been in flux since 2007, and multiple writers have come and gone, as well.

Now K-Pax, Blood Diamond and (the unreleased) The Seventh Son writer Charles Leavitt is officially in the mix, though the film still lacks a director.

Hopefully Leavitt can fix whatever’s ailing the project so it can actually get under way and hit its expected 2014 release.

Do you think the World of Warcraft movie will ever actually get made? What would you expect to see in it? Who do you think should direct? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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“World of Warcraft” Tests Microtransactions, Pay to Win

"World of Warcraft" Tests Microtransactions, Pay to Win

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Earlier this week, World of Warcraft players in the game’s public test server discovered an item that could be purchased with real-world money and gave players “experience gained from killing monsters and complete quest increased by 100%.”

This item would not only take away much the grinding required to level-up in WoW, effectively cutting it in half, but it would also be the first for in-game transactions. World of Warcraft already sells items such as virtual pets and mounts for real money outside the game. Though these items are mostly aesthetic and do not necessarily enhance gameplay they do not currently cross the barrier of in-game purchases.

Items that can be bought to level up faster, so called ‘pay-to-win’, caused some uproar in WoW forums and seems to undermine the games hardcore fan base. Blizzard community manager Zarhym explained in a post on battle.net:

“We are currently exploring the possibility of adding a way for players in certain regions to make purchases directly within the game,” Zarhym wrote. “As part of this process, elements related to this will be appearing on the [Public Test Realm]. We’ll provide additional updates on our plans as development progresses.”

This may be a response to the increased player loss World of Warcraft is currently experiencing. Is it possible that WoW will open up certain servers for players to buy their way to victory?

News about New FFXIV

As I’ve mentioned before, my first MMO was Final Fantasy XI, and I think I’d be remiss not to observe that a lot of my MMO habits came about as a direct reaction to that game. My love of soloing comes in no small part as a result of the misery of trying to get anything accomplished by myself in Vana’diel, for example. Alts appear to be more or less the same thing.

If you chat to learn more about FFXIV Power leveling message.

Saying that having an alt in Final Fantasy XI was counterproductive is like saying that arsenic is unhealthy. This was one of the many traits that Final Fantasy XIV carried over from its predecessor, but it removed any real option of having a second character serving as your bag space expansion because there wasn’t a proper mail system to facilitate it. So there was even less reason to pay for an extra character slot there. Alts were just as absent in Final Fantasy XIV’s original incarnation.

But this might be changing on both sides of the equation. FFXIV’s Legacy players get extra slots for free, after all. Might there be some hope for alts in the future?

ffxi moglog alts 1 epl 207 Final Fantasy and the case of the missing altsWhy you never wanted an alt

FFXI is actively inimical toward alts in a way that other games really aren’t, and that extends beyond the game’s “one character can do everything” nature. One character can also level everything in The Secret World, but the process of doing so is far less arduous.

Let’s leave aside the idea that a second character is going to require you splitting your time between two characters and you’ll thus be slower in leveling; that’s true in every game. FFXI also has a large number of elements that require lengthy and difficult quests to unlock, and those elements are far beyond matters of convenience. You need these things to be functional in the game.

Subjobs are an obvious example I’ve brought up before, but there are others. Airship passes, for example, are annoying to get at the best of times. The one to travel between the main nations requires you to complete a mission that requires either a large group of allies or a dedicated friend who can keep you in Sneak and Invisible while you dart past corridors of murder. Traveling to Kazham requires you to farm enemies that you are probably just strong enough to beat reliably if you’re an offensive class rather than a mage, and that was just to level for five levels. Traveling to Whitegate for the first time means doing both of the subjob quests again.

And that doesn’t even touch on advanced jobs, also known as the real meat of the game, each of which requires another ornate quest to unlock, some relentlessly brutal.

FFXIV isn’t quite this cutthroat, but even it had things like Chocobos that had to be unlocked again for each subsequent character. FFXIV’s lack of any interaction between your characters also meant that a new character started without most of the benefits that a higher-level character can provide. Rather than having a leg up in what you’re doing, your only real advantage is a knowledge of what comes next.

As a result, it’s not surprising that the only alts in FFXI were meant to serve as banks to make up for the game’s awful inventory system. Both games are pretty unfriendly to playing more than one character. FFXI arguably went a step further by allowing you to change your allegiance in terms of nation, meaning that the number of choices you had to make permanently were vanishingly small.

ffxiv moglog alts 2 epl 207 Final Fantasy and the case of the missing altsBut will it change?

The odds of your having a need to create alts in FFXIV or FFXI is still low, although the latter will probably still require you to do so insofar as you need to deal with that stupid inventory system. But perhaps the games are becoming a bit less actively hostile.

FFXIV’s relaunch will have a proper mail system, but for many players, it’ll also be bringing in existing high-level characters. You’ll have fewer reasons to see the lower parts of the game if you’re already level 50 with several classes, even if you will have a few new things to level such as Arcanist. So there’s a little more impetus for you to start fresh and experience things anew. Plus, if you really want a bank alt, the game seems poised to facilitate that.

But leveling in FFXIV has never been particularly brutal, at least not since we moved past the days of randomized skill gains at launch. (I occasionally wonder how I actually played the game at launch.) FFXI has far less forgiving leveling, and even if a lot of those barriers to entry are removed as has been promised, it’s questionable how many other characters you would actually need.

A lot of that depends upon Seekers of Adoulin, which I’m slowly getting excited for. If that expansion is both replete with one-time choices and accessible from a reasonably lower level, it might facilitate our having more than a single character in Vana’diel. Alts by definition require you to have choices to make differently the second time around — choose a different race, a different class, a different faction. FFXI and FFXIV don’t have any of those one-time choices past the first, as a rule.

Honestly? I don’t see either game making alts very attractive. But I’d like to think it’s possible if for no other reason than I want to play about seven different characters in FFXIV’s relaunch. Come on, people: Highlander women.