WOW The Messiah’s Take on the Changes

WOW The Messiah’s Take on the Changes
One decision that may need to be reversed to ensure 25 player raids stay active is the single lockout. Many times right now players use 10 player raids to help gear up new players so they can come to 25 player raids, or to teach new players the mechanics. If this option is gone on a weekly basis it may be harder to teach new and casual players the content, or get them up to speed to participate in larger raids.

Being a player that really enjoys raiding but doesn’t enjoy the organizational effort or challenge around 25 player raids, these changes look pretty solid for me. If pulled off correctly and the balance of difficulty maintained between 10 and 25 player raids though, I really don’t think anyone should complain. In fact I think that with the sharing of loot and balancing of difficulty will probably Blizzard to make the 10 man version slightly more difficult on a per player basis to compensate for being significantly easier to get a group together of 10 rather than 25 players. I would be perfectly OK with this, and it may get the hardcore raiders to agree as well.

However, if I was a hardcore 25 raider though (I only consider myself Semi-Hardcore) I think I would be pretty upset today.On the surface the changes really do seem like they could simply raiding and simplify it past the challenging and skilful entity that it is meant to be. Raiders consider that raiding should be something that many desire to do, but few are able to achieve. That challenge and difficulty and inability for just anyone to do it, has been over time what has made raiding such a draw for players. Raiding is in essence the holy grail of MMO’s. How long will it maintain it’s lustre if anyone and their dog can participate. Sometimes the very fact that you can not have something is what creates it’s allure. If it is achievable to all, will any lustre remain, or will the multitude of sweaty palms pawing at it tarnish it forever?

What needs top be considered closely is the balance of players doing 10 and 25 player raids. If all of a sudden 25 player raids disappear then Blizzard will have to step in and fix it so that the large player raids do not disappear. Raiding is about socialization and large groups as much as about the game, content, or challenge. Even getting down to 10 players is pushing that a little low to maintain those elements. It really is going to be about the implementation and balance.

Lastly, the change that really leaves me shaking my head in confusion is the statement that Blizzard does now want the first tier of raids to overshadow heroics. HUH??? Blizzard even goes so far as to state they want people to be able to start raiding in blues. WHAT??? Did they learn nothing from Naxxramas when WotLK launched? Naxx was far to simple and was cleared almost instantly by raiding guilds. If they make this new content to simple, it will let players get by with even less skill than many have now, which isn’t much. I strongly believe in pushing people to be better, not reducing requirements. Oh well, let’s hope heroic modes are a lot harder and more challenging.