Wow dungeons and raids Mists of Pandaria tips

Two more dungeons have been given a Heroic Mode overhaul for Level 90 characters though: a reworked version of Scarlet Monastery/Scarlet Halls, and the evil Hogwarts-for-necromancers itself, Scholomance. Same maps, new content.
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Along with six new dungeons and three raids, Pandaria also adds a new type of group content: Scenarios. These are short 2-3 player-focussed, story-based instances that you can queue for like anything else, but which try to offer a compact experience that you don’t have to spend hours on (or need a dedicated healer/tank for).

Theramore’s Fall is the highest profile Scenario. Theramore is a town in icky Dustwallow Marsh, and the home of Jaina Proudmoore – one of the few high-profile Alliance characters who gets on with former Horde leader Thrall. As Horde, you’ll attack. As Alliance, you’ll defend her and try to clean up after their inevitable rampage.

Regular dungeons now have a twist as well – at least the new Pandarian ones. Challenge Mode adds a time-trial element, scaling down your gear in the interests of fairness. Get a fast time and you get a medal, along with bonus rewards.

Long before all that though, you’ll find most of the questing experience has been heavily streamlined. Talent trees have been completely thrown out, and are now a case of picking skills instead of spending points. You get all your new skills automatically on levelling up. New fl oating icons in the world make it easier to see key characters and quest objects.