Wow Cata Herb Gold Making Guide

To get started, you’ll need to have 425 Herbalism or 420 with the Gatherer +5 enchant and be atleast level 80 with Azeroth flying/flying mount or form. You’ll also want to download the addon, Gatherer and its data; if you want the nodes already marked although I prefer a clean slate and like to make my own personally. Then, get a few Herb bags and make sure you have one regular bag to collect all your gems or items from killing mobs and that there mostly empty. Lastly, be repaired, have some food/water, blare some music, and have fun!
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To get to Mount Hyjal just take the port in your faction’s major city. Once in Hyjal, fly straight down, plummet to your death, just kidding, and begin on the route I have laid out. I’ll be spending 30 minutes on this route to give you a general idea of what you can expect to farm up with your flower picking. The route I’ll be using in this video is my medium route for this zone. You’ll notice I’m only level 82 so I have a few handicaps but I do get a nice 5774 experience when rested from each node or 2,887 when not. Unlike an 85 though, I’ll pull mobs a lot but that doesn’t matter since I’m a hax druid and dont need to dismount like other classes would. Most of the time 85’s shouldn’t pull mobs anyway but lower levels definitely will which may slow them down. Regardless of level, always loot the herb before killing any add. This goes for any opposing faction player trying to get the node too. CC them or just try looting it since the cast time is so fast you shouldn’t fail.

Mount Hyjal has three different Herbalism routes that I’ve made up. Of course, you can always be creative and make up your own. I’ll have all the routes on my website and they will be updated for any changes. This first one I have on the map now is the longest and covers just about every possible node spawn for both Cinderbloom and Stormvine. This second one is the smallest and awesome when you have zero competition. Respawns are nice and quick and you’ll hit them just as they respawn making it the ultimate route if you are by yourself in the zone. This last one is a great medium mix of the two. It’s not too long but long enough to help with excessive competition. I typically use the smallest route to start and extend it if I’m not finding herbs like I should be. I used the middle one for this video because of the amount of competition I had.