World of Warcraft Alchemy Gold Making Guide

n this Alchemy Gold Making Guide, I’ll be focusing on the Potion Spec’d side of Alchemy. To get started you’ll need to have Alchemy leveled up decently and if you need help with that, check outAlchemy Guide 1-525 Leveling which can also teach you how to get the Alchemy Potion Specialization. If you had a specialization prior like Elixir or Transmute, then just see the person you got it from, unlearn it for 150g and go to Zangamarsh to see Lauranna Thar’well who can teach you the Potion Specialization. A good profession to go with Alchemy Potion Spec is Herbalism. Check my Herbalism Guide 1-525 Leveling page for help with that.

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Alright, now that the initial prep is out of the way, you can start rack in the cha-ching with Potion Alchemy. I like to start the day off getting mats for whichever CD I plan to do. Today, I’m going with Living Elements but you could also do Truegold or sell your cooldown in trade. As for which is better, take the sale price minus the mats and do the one with the highest profit.

If you’re buying mats for Truegold or any other transmute, do it during the day when prices are normal. Also if you choose instead to do the Living Elements transmute, see what the most expensive Volatile is on your server and trans that. Mine is air, so I take a quick portal to Uldum, transmute the lifes to airs, and then head back to the Auction House to list them for 12 hours undercutting any competition. The place you trans at decides what Volatile you’ll get.

Some players may not have 700g or whatever to spend on mats for Truegold so, 75g for Living Elements mats is really the way to go. You should make about double what you could sell a Truegold CD for on most servers.

Next, I start buying up mats for making potions. The best time to get mats is early morning to afternoon or especially on the weekends. This is usually when they are the cheapest but monitor your server’s Auction House to find out the best time for you since it can vary a bit. It’s also a good idea to watch trade chat for bulk sellers and to setup some sort of CoD or direct trade deal with farmers if you can. Of course, if you already have Herbalism, farm the mats yourself by checking my Herbalism Gold Making Series on my website.