WOW GOLD-The Importance of Tank in WoW

It is a dirty word for raiders. Probably it is the biggest fear of raid and guild leaders alike. Sadly, it is the most likely thing to happen to get buy wow gold.
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Our guilds main tank will probably not be playing anymore, at least until the next content patch. I suppose I should be glad that he decided to leave this late in the game. This puts me in an awkward situation about buy wow gold. It is difficult to accept change, and to put your raid in the hands of a tank you are not 100% sure will get the job done. Most of our success came from his tanking, and his raid leading too actually about buy wow gold.

His job was to be raid leader too, so now that job is being left to me. I am capable, but less willing. On top of the other responsibilities, I am stuck doing this full time too. Burnout hits us all very hard. The contributing factors include lack of gear motivation, lack of new available content, slow pulling, and lots of (stupid) wipes. Since I have started the guild, I have basically changed more than half of the original roster which is a bit disheartening to get buy wow gold.

So now we are down to 1 officer, and me. 2 players on loot council does NOT work. The second officer was AFK last night, so I was the one who had to pass sole judgment and award loot. Obviously, there were many discrepancies from players who thought loot was being unfairly given out. Always from trial players too, they always feel they get the shaft on everything about buy wow gold.