Blizzard forbid cheating another round of diablo 3 players

Blizzard entertainment is playing more and more the diablo 3 game.
“In the past year, we have already released round the diablo 3 account against cheating frequently, we had just released another,” the company wrote in a blog post today. “Although we may not have mentioned each round account banned occurs, we have and will continue to monitor the” diablo 3 “behavior for exploitation and according to the need for action to help preserve the integrity of the game.”
Blizzard said, are not allowed to use robot, hackers, or a third party software.

Diablo 3
“As we mentioned earlier, the use of this type of software is not only undermined the spirit of fair competition, but it can lead to a permanent ban, not Nephalem remember their shameless behavior in a shelter. Not only that, but the third party programs can lead to unpleasant technical problems, game related bugs, stability and performance issues with All of these can greatly affect your game experience and experience of others.”
So fair, everyone.
Recently, we caught a glimpse of the diablo 3 will look at how the PlayStation 3 and Xbox arrive on September 3, 360. A version of the PlayStation 4 also at work.