WOW Guide: Congratulations on the First Anniversary of Diablo 3

If you are one of the players who have been playing the Diablo 3 from the very beginning, you should know that today, May 15, is a very big day for the Diablo 3. We congratulate the Blizzard on the first anniversary of this amazing game.
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It has been the hot topic always. No matter you admit it or not, the Diablo 3 is always hotly discussed among the players around the world. But most of the time, we would judge about its deficiencies. It is very understandable as we want this game to be better, and we believe it can be better when we express our feelings out so Blizzard can make the changes. Even through there are still something we can not change (the cancellation of the RMAH, where you can get the diablo 3 gold with real money), the whole game is becoming more balanced.

It has been imitated all the time, but it has never been surpassed. Since the release of the official edition of the game, or even when this game is being testes, many game developer companies started to imitate this game. They set similar backgrounds, game rules or even charge for much lower prices, but they can never win the heart of the players. D3 players know it that this game can not be surpassed. The details and the quality of the game are much better than any other imitators. Even through we criticize it sometimes, we love it deep in our heart. We hold our hopes towards this game always.

It will go much further. One year has passed, this game is still so hot. It is the tolerance and love of the players, and the modest and considerable of the game developers keeping this game going. We have every reason believe that this game can go much further in the competitive game market. It is unique, and it is developing to be better in a not easy way.

Congratulates on the first anniversary of the Diablo 3, and we sincerely hope this game can continue its legend history and have a much brighter future.