Wow Some insider secrets to increase the amount of Gold

So you want to know how to make massive amounts of gold in WoW. There are several

different places you can go to right away to start raking in gold quickly. For each

of these farming spots you will learn a strategy and some tactics you can use. If you

follow the advice given in this article, massive amounts of gold will be yours for

the taking.
Lich king - world-of-warcraft Screencap
First spot – Westfall. On the western shore there will be an outpost of Defias

Trappers. This spot is perfect for low-level World of Warcraft players. The neat

thing about Defias Trappers is that they drop linen cloth at around a 33% rate. The

strategy is simple: fill your bag full of linen cloth. Sell for high profit. Easy


Another good spot for getting massive amounts of gold is Azshara. This is probably

the most popular spot for gamers, for two reasons. The first reason deals with the

the middle north area. The Massive Timbermaws are good for a decent chunk of gold.

After exploring this area, go east and you will come across the Blood Elves. Every

time you kill Blood Elves, they will drop a Runecloth. This is very easy to sell at

the auction house.

Felwood is the home of many Angerclaw Mauler bears. If you go northeast from

Bloodvenom poist, you’ll locate a mob of about 15 of them. These bears are quick and

easy to kill, and drop a lot of vendor trash. You can also skin different types of

leather off them. Gathering trash and leather are two great ways to build up your


If you have a good group, then here are good areas to farm for large amounts of gold.

The Dire Maul Tribute and a place called Stratholme. Stratholme is great to run

through for not only gold, but to get disenchanted items here as well. Which leads

into the next spot.

If you have the ability to disenchant items, then you should go to Uldamann. If you

can successfully kill Glagann Firehammer, you can acquire some great items to

disenchant, and sell for nice amounts of gold.

With these spots and tips you should have enough to go ahead an start making gold.

They won’t make your character rich overnight, but they will give you a lot of gold

in a very short time and they’re pretty easy to follow, even for a beginner