WOW Guide: Looking Forward to the Flexible Raid

Not long after the patch 5.3, players started to pay attention to the new content in

Patch 5.4. This time, Blizzard comes up with a totally new flexible raid. According

to the introduction for this new mode and the answers from the blue post, we are

going to see what this raid can bring to the players.

Before the flexible raid, the Blizzard released the raid finder first. The purpose is

to let players who have not been trained specifically the chance to experience all

the game content. On the other hand, it gives chance for the new players to

accumulate gears and experiences. Its characteristic is that players can form a team

easily. It is easy to farm in the raid finder, and the loot in this mode is much

worse than the normal mode as a result.
wow - world-of-warcraft Photo
The flexible raid is for those who do not have plenty of time enjoying this game. In

this mode, you can not form a team by random. It is more proper for those friends who

play together. You can form a team with the players in the same server and same camp,

you can also invite your friends through battlefield ID. You can ensure the high

quality of the team as a result.

The difficulty level is one of the most important part of Flexible Raid. Generally

speaking, you can not go on with the raid when you do not have nice gears or one or

two players left the game. Small guilds or a small crowd of players who always play

together can not stay stable in the 25-player raid. The Flexible Raid can solve this

problem as a result.

The system can set the difficulty level of the game according to the players who are

in this raid. If you are exploring new places, you do not need 10 or 25 players to go

on the raid. Even through you have 8 players, 20 players or 15 players, the system

can adjust the difficulty level automatically. There will be no more 23=2 or 9=1

situations. As for the loots in the raids, the difficulty level of Flexible Raid is

higher than raid finder and it is lower than the normal raid. The loot you can get in

this raid is also between the gears level of these two kinds of modes. What is the

most important is that, players can get epic mounts through the accomplishment point

they get after completing the flexible raid. It is good news to the players who do

not have plenty of time in this game. Let’s look forward to the patch 5.4 together.