Wow gold retail income record

News of June 21, according to the market research firm NPD’s latest report shows

that in May the retail wow gold and related product sales fell by 25%, it’s the

lowest level that wow gold retail revenue record for the past eight years.

According to the report, in May, the wow gold retail store, the wow gold, wow items

and wow power leveling, trading volume fell to $386.3 million, $517 million over the

same period last year.
The wow gold retail sales revenue decline is particularly serious, from $335.2

million during the same period last year fell by 44%, to $187.6 million, is the low

ebb since May 2005.

NPD analyst said that when Activision Blizzard’s “Diablo 3” win a big sales in the

last year, the sales makes a significant difference. The wow gold sales revenue fell

by 31%, it’s only $175.1 million. Analysts said the new game still accounted for

half of all gaming revenue, the remaining $91 million in revenue belong to second-

hand game and leasing to split. The order paid products (such as month card), game

application on a mobile device, and the contents of the package is downloaded over

the network revenue totaled $339 million.

The report also point out that pkpkg has already surpass IGE, become the the best-

selling platform of wow gold and items across the country, but there is no specific

data, maybe pkpkg will share players in the coming future. The wow items sales income

fell by nearly a third, to $96 million, is all the game related products in the

lowest income category. And the wow power leveling income affected at least, fell by

6% to $115.3 million.