WoW Addon Raiding Package Tips

My U.I. isn’t perfect. It’s not a complete disaster, thanks to the efforts of my wife, but it’s not picture perfect either. Despite its failings my U.I. does have one thing going for it, I designed it. What I mean by this is I went out, picked the mods I wanted, downloaded them, placed them carefully on my screen based on my needs and bam my personal U.I. was born.

This is in my opinion the ideal way to perfect your U.I and the mods that inhabit it, through trial and error combined with your own personal selections. However, it seems that every day addon packages become even more popular. As such I decided to review one of these packages to see what all the hype was about, and if it downloading an addon package made completing your U.I. any easier.

Mod Package Name: Raid Frames Addon Package
Category: Raiding Package
Compiled By: AxnJackson11
Download At: Curse
Blighted lands
Since I’ve done quite a bit of raiding in my day and because my own personally designed U.I. was created for the sole purpose of raiding, I decided to go with a raiding addon pack for my review so I definitely had something to compare it to. I ventured to (my preferred download spot for all mods) and brought up the section specifically for addon packages. I was instantly amazed at the number of addon packages out there and sifted through them until I finally decided to go with the package with the most downloads, I mean that had to count for something right?

The package that was at the head of the pack was compiled by AxnJackson11 (that name makes me laugh every time I read it), and contains a whopping thirty-four mods. You heard right, thirty-four mods, including well known mods such as Recount, Omen, and Grid, and some mods that I had never heard of before such as EavesDrop and Postal. Watching as my Curse Client downloaded all thirty-four mods I could only think one thing; what have I gotten myself in to?

Screenshot of what this addon package looks like straight from the box.
With this addon pack AxnJackson11 claims to have combined every mod that the typical WoW player will need to run heroics and raids while managing your mail and auctions all with minimum memory usage and set up. Axn even goes so far to say that upon installation your U.I. should look automatically like the examples pictured on the Curse website. If AxnJackson11’s addon package would live up to these expectations remained to be seen.

So it was with bated breath that I loaded up my game and to my ultimate surprise, my U.I. was not a complete disaster. As Axn stated, at first glance most the mods appeared to be functioning and in their proper places. Taking a more detailed look around I found that with just a little bit of movement and resizing, my U.I. looked almost exactly like the example shown.

The real test, however, came when I ventured into an instance. Would the package hold up to the test? I was pleasantly surprised, everything I could possibly think of that I needed for raiding was on my screen. Once again I had to move a few things, and tweak a few mods to my liking, but for the most part I was ready to raid with very little work on my part. To top it off even though I had just downloaded thirty-four mods the game still ran at it’s usual standards. However, since there are so many mods, even though they appear to be lightweight it may prove to be a problem for those with less awesome computers than my own.

An example of what this addon package could make your U.I look like.The addon package wasn’t all sunshine and roses though, and even after using it I find that I am still opposed to downloading addon packages. My reasoning behind this lies in the fact that even while downloading a package you are still going to end up setting up, configuring, and moving the mods around unless the person who compiled the package is nice enough to send you their personal files. Not to mention if there are any mods in the package that you are not familiar with, you will end up spending unnecessary time trying to figure out exactly what the mod does and how exactly to work it.

Don’t let my negativity deter you though, if the mods provided in this package are exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to download it. It will give you everything you need to start your raiding and instance career with the click of the button and some simple setup. I still stand by statement that it is a far better idea to individually pick your mods, then download and customize them one by one though. This way you get exactly what you want and need and only what you want and need creating the perfect U.I. for you.