WoW Monk Build Guide to the s and Spec

The new, much anticipated, Mists of Panderia comes with the addition of a new class

to World Of Warcraft; the monk. The new wow monk class comes with many new talents.

All monks regardless of the playstyle chosen use monk chi and the concept of martial

arts against opponents. There are the three main playstyles available in the monk

class; damage, tank and healer. The wow monk build you choose is based on how you

would like to play these new monks. A wow monk guide will help to decipher these new

skills and abilities since the addition of the wow monk build has been seen nowhere

else in the game.
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Want to learn more about Monks than is publicly shared in most blogs and community

sites? We recommend to check out this Monk manual.

The Brewmaster
The Brewmaster is the tanking role and involves using energy and chi to power attacks

and abilities. What makes the Brewmaster role completely different is the ability to

use beverages to buff or mitigate damage. The drunken Brewmaster mechanics involve

sweeping leg kicks, keg smashes and fortifying brews. The biggest difference between

the tank spec and other tank or wow monk specs is Stagger. An attack on a tank is not

taken immediately, but it is spread out over time. This will decrease initial bursts

of damage for the tank. A wow monk guide can give you more information on this

exciting new tank build.

Windwalker is the melee damage role for monks. Like the Brewmaster, the Windwalker

uses chi and energy to power abilities. Jab is the main ability of this role because

it generates chi which powers the more advanced and stronger abilities. After

building chi with Jabs, the Rising Sun Kick will hit for a strong amount of damage

and debuff the enemy so they take more damage. This wow monk is like no other class

to leveling in pandaria land.

The Mistweaver’s role in battle is that of healer. While the Mistweaver uses mana

like other healing classes, it also uses chi which is strictly a monk energy source.

Chi is used to power some of the healer’s damage abilities which converts damage

into healing somewhat like the discipline priest’s spells. The damage abilities

build up chi which is spent on certain spells like blackout kick and gives you

Eminence healing.