Runescape Smoking Kills

Someone new has moved to Pollnivneach and, by some twist of fate, they are not

called Ali! This strange new neighbour is called Sumona, and she has lost something

very valuable in the depths of the Pollnivneach well. Mighty rewards are on offer

for anyone willing to return what she has misplaced.

With potentially epic, if unspecified, Slayer rewards on offer, this is a venture

best-suited to those who risk their lives for curiosity. Let’s hope that curiosity

is better for them than it is for cats.

Meanwhile, eery wails and vile stenches seem to be pervading the streets. This may

be unlucky for the Pollnivneach tourist trade, but at least there is something in it

for adventurous types. In fact, they may be turned to one’s advantage when dealing

with the mixed bag of unpleasantness beneath Pollnivneach…

We have introduced two new worlds for those who prefer to chat, or be chatted to,

with Quick Chat. The worlds are 160 and 161. Conventional chat may not be used on

these worlds – they are for Quick Chat users only.

NOTE – We would like to remind players that we have absolutely NO intention of

removing free chat from the game, either now or in the future. Quick Chat is

designed to be an optional alternative to normal chat.

Quick Chat users can now chat to their friends on FunOrb, and vice versa. Simply

select a friend from your Friends List and then choose what you want to say from the

‘General’ and/or ‘Inter-game’ menus within Quick Chat.

We have made efforts to stop the strange ‘dancing’ effect that occurs when fighting

monsters on the same square as you. You should find that, instead of moving from

side to side, you find a more suitable position to attack the monster from.

Dragon square shields have been updated, thanks to observant players who noted that

its two halves wouldn’t make a square!