Runescape Vorago New Boss

Hey guys, some of you might know, some of you might not, but a new boss is coming to Runescape soon. His name is Vorago What kind? Simply the hardest, biggest and most awesome boss released yet! That’s right, Vorago, confirmed by Mod Chris L on the Runescape forums will be the hardest boss yet! Including new game mechanics, impressive graphics and enormous size,expect Vorago to be A LOT harder than Nex. It has also been confirmed that it will drop his loots in a bit different way, and FFA teams might want to team up to survive Wink. You won’t need to get a Killcount for this boss (e.g; GWD) however, a special mechanic will need to be done in order to fight him. So PvMers, grab your best gear out, and summon that Pack Yak and good luck hunting those brand new Level 90 Magic Weapons!

Not much more is known yet for Vorago, but here’s the concept art to give you an idea of how big the stone creature is expected to be Wink Discuss you own opinion in this thread

vorago runescape
vorago runescape
This is rather exciting in my humble opinion. I think it will be one of the most graphically appealing boss yet, due to the HTML 5 update that was discussed here.  As you can see by the human the boss is massive, but we all remember how big the Queen Black Dragon looked in the concept art and that turned out to be a disappointment. I just hope that the actual fight will be as entertaining as possible, and they include content with it for the lower level players like they did with the Range dungeon! The new runescape boss vorago should be something special.

So to sum it up, this is a nice little bit of content to look forward to and i wish everyone the best of luck killing it for the drops!

Written By Sam
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