WOW Patch Highlights

New Death Knight and Warrior specializations: Riposte, Riposte When you dodge or parry any attack, you gain 50% of your Parry and Dodge as additional Critical Strike for 20 sec.

Tier 16 Ahead of the Curve achievements ( Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player), Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (25 player)) now reward a special mount, the Reins of the Kor’kron War Wolf, in addition to a Feat of Strength!

New minor priest glyph, Glyph of Feathers: Your heal spells momentarily grant you angelic wings.
Seasaon 14 Elite gear has all stats removed, Grievous Gladiator’s Dragonhide Robes. It’s clear they’re cosmetic items now.
As Ghostcrawler hinted at last week, the item levels of Tier 16 gear are changed: 528 LFR, 536 Flex, 553 Normal, 566 Heroic.
Some Flex Mode items are up! So far they are ilvl 536. Click here for the full list, although do note that their names and models don’t seem final.
The battle pets we covered earlier today now have items: Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji, Zao, Calfling of Niuzao, Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon
Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider will reward Reins of Galakras.
Gamon gets an achievement, Gamon Will Save Us!

Proving Grounds have some achievements in: (Achievement #8483), Proving Yourself: Bronze Damage, Proving Yourself: Bronze Healer, Proving Yourself: Bronze Tank 

WoW Monk Build Guide to the s and Spec

The new, much anticipated, Mists of Panderia comes with the addition of a new class

to World Of Warcraft; the monk. The new wow monk class comes with many new talents.

All monks regardless of the playstyle chosen use monk chi and the concept of martial

arts against opponents. There are the three main playstyles available in the monk

class; damage, tank and healer. The wow monk build you choose is based on how you

would like to play these new monks. A wow monk guide will help to decipher these new

skills and abilities since the addition of the wow monk build has been seen nowhere

else in the game.
wow - world-of-warcraft Wallpaper
Want to learn more about Monks than is publicly shared in most blogs and community

sites? We recommend to check out this Monk manual.

The Brewmaster
The Brewmaster is the tanking role and involves using energy and chi to power attacks

and abilities. What makes the Brewmaster role completely different is the ability to

use beverages to buff or mitigate damage. The drunken Brewmaster mechanics involve

sweeping leg kicks, keg smashes and fortifying brews. The biggest difference between

the tank spec and other tank or wow monk specs is Stagger. An attack on a tank is not

taken immediately, but it is spread out over time. This will decrease initial bursts

of damage for the tank. A wow monk guide can give you more information on this

exciting new tank build.

Windwalker is the melee damage role for monks. Like the Brewmaster, the Windwalker

uses chi and energy to power abilities. Jab is the main ability of this role because

it generates chi which powers the more advanced and stronger abilities. After

building chi with Jabs, the Rising Sun Kick will hit for a strong amount of damage

and debuff the enemy so they take more damage. This wow monk is like no other class

to leveling in pandaria land.

The Mistweaver’s role in battle is that of healer. While the Mistweaver uses mana

like other healing classes, it also uses chi which is strictly a monk energy source.

Chi is used to power some of the healer’s damage abilities which converts damage

into healing somewhat like the discipline priest’s spells. The damage abilities

build up chi which is spent on certain spells like blackout kick and gives you

Eminence healing. 

WoW Monk Guide to Mistweaver Build

Using the powers of mana and chi, mistweavers are the healing specialization of the

newly added Monk class with Mists of Pandaria. The unique play-style of mistweaver is

that this monk spec will be taking advantage of dealing melee damage which heals

their party and raid members for equal amounts of their damage at the same time. Monk

mistweaver also have the traditional healing style of casting heals on players.

This post is a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the Warcraft Monk

class. For more in-depth content, game-play strategies and build recommendations,

check out this Unofficial Monk reference book.

Mistweavers have some more clear cut talent choices than the other specs, there still

is some room to customize but there are definitely some clear cut winners.

Tier 1 talents at level 15 have an obvious choice. Celerity gives the monk the

ability to use their roll or chi torpedo a 3rd time per recharge and decreases
wow - world-of-warcraft Wallpaper
recharge time by 5 seconds.. This talent is recommended by general wow mop leveling

books for monk because you will be using chi torpedo as it is a no resource heal.

Tier 2 talents for level 30 are all viable choices. Chi wave works similar to a

shaman’s chain heal, in that when you cast it, it heals up to 4 targets (bouncing)

and damages up to 4 enemies in the same cast, definitely a solid raid healing option.

Zen Sphere is a long heal over time that also causes damage on enemies around the

shielded target, you can recast the zen sphere before it’s expiration to “explode”

the sphere dealing burst aoe damage and heal around the target. Chi burst puts out a

wave of healing and damage between you and an ally.
Zen sphere will be the obvious choice to tank heal or on fights with many adds on the

Chi burst is the choice for 25 man large scale raids
Chi wave will be the choice for 10 man raids, as it’s heal will be effective on half

the raid.

Tier 3 has 2 talents that are situational against each other.
Power Strikes causes your jab ability to create 2 chi charge once every 20 seconds.

This talent is superior on fights where you will be viably meleeing for most of an

encounter. The other option is chi brew, which is an on use talent that restores 4

chi. This will be superior for burst healing or if your play-style won’t include

jabbing in melee.

Tier 4 being the control tier has a clear cut winner in charging ox wave. The wow

monks guide send out a 30 yard stunning wave of oxen, which doesn’t require the

mistweaver to put themselves in danger. This will most likely be the standard for WoW


Tier 5 is the defensive tree, again for the monk mistweaver there is a clear cut

choice of diffuse magic which gives the monk 90% reduced magic damage and will put

any magical damage over time effects on the monk back on their caster. The other 2

options are built much more for brewmasters.

Tier 6 has the best option in chi torpedo. Synergizing with the tier 1 celerity

talent, roll becomes chi torpedo which deals damage and heals wherever you roll. The

huge advantage to this ability is that it has no resource cost besides it’s own


WoW Monk Windwalker Spec and Build

Tier number three offers talents that help generate chi. The best option for

consistent chi gains is power strikes, as it will be nearly a flat 1 chi per 20

seconds. Ascension can be useful to make a windwalker’s rotation flow more aptly,

but is not as much a gain as deadly strikes in the long run. chi brew can be useful

if there’s a very small window of opportunity to burst down a target.

Discover more about the Monk class from this Monk Compendium offered as an unofficial

guide for the new Mists of Pandaria playable class.
wow - world-of-warcraft Wallpaper
Tier six brings the damage talents. For sustainable aoe damage, the rushing jade wind

is key to success, making your spinning crane kick hit significantly harder in the

process. For single target, Invoke Xuen the white tiger will win out as the friendly

companion does a slight aoe damage, but high single target.

Windwalkers are the DPS build for Monks in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Monks

utilize energy and chi with their martial arts fighting style to deal damage along

with some utility healing on some talents.The WoW monk build for Windwalkers will

have some variations, but from beta experience, I’ve concluded on the key talents

for success.

The first tier for the Monk windwalker involves movement abilities. You have the

choice of being able to roll 3 times on cooldown, a sprint that clears snares and

roots or your rolls stacking a speed gain. I’ve found momentum to be the best choice

here all around, as you can cover so much ground which equals DPS gains in most of

the content in MoP.

Wow Monks second tier involves chi expenders. You choose a hybrid ability that deals

damage and healing. Chi burst is a strong aoe for 7+ enemies or in a 25 man raid when

you can heal the entire melee pool with this powerful spell. Chi wave works similar

to a shaman’s chain heal and chain lightning at the same time, healing 4 allies and

damaging 4 enemies, this I found most useful in 10 man raids. Zen Sphere can be a

good constant aoe when used on a tank or when you need the heal over time effect on

yourself. This talent depends on what type of content you’re doing.

Crowd control for wow pandaria leveling monk at tier four, the best option for a

melee windwalker is leg sweep, as it is an aoe 5s stun all around you. Charging ox

wave is useful if enemies are spread away from you.

Tier five talents are all about survival. Most fatal damage hitting melee will be

magical, diffuse magic is the most powerful cooldown in these situations. For

encounters with little to no burst magic damage, Monk windwalkers will do best with

dampen harm to prevent any physical bursts. 

Runescape The History of the Discovery of the Runes

Welcome to the home of knowledge and wisdom. The records of the histories of the great nations of RuneScape are kept in this labruary. the diaries of bold explorers, and fantastical tales spun in ages past. Please, take some time to peruse the passage and I’m sure you will find some tome of interest to you. Below you will find a list of those books restored or in suitable condition to be read by any passing reader. Some are verifiably accurate histories of RuneScape, others are mythologies relating to true people and events whose accuracy cannot be guaranteed, but in the absence of other source material I have included for historical interest. The power of the runestones is well known to us now, and even children are taught a very basic understanding of the workings of magic and their advantages in defending our walls. This memoir shows that this was not always the case, and that in a mere few centuries our understanding has increased… but so have the dangers of those who might misuse them.
RuneScape Wallpaper. - runescape Wallpaper
His question seemed simple enough, yet the old man looked at me with a strange mixture of pity and contempt. I had asked him where the runes that now shaped our daily lives had come from. I waited patiently for his answer, apparently ignoring the look upon his face, for I was sure that his previous eloquence and his tales from before mankind meant that he favoured me. Eventually, with a jarring cough, he began to speak to me of the runes which had allowed man to use the Arts Of Magick to assist him. “As my time on this plane draws to an end, the treachery of the evil followers of Zamorak still burns within my heart and mind, as I know that such knowledge as those like me have gained will forever be lost to the ages.

I have not much time, yet must tell what I know concerning the runes and the dangers that their treachery hath brought upon our fair world. “I am one of the few left alive who remember the time before we had the runes; when man fought man for food; when there were no havens from the creatures that seek to destroy us as a race. Yes, I remember still the times before men and dwarves considered each other allies, and only the bravest of heroes would venture beneath the ground – lest he fall foul of the wrath of the dwarves who had claimed that as their own. “I remember the names of the kingdoms before they were kingdoms, of the men who ruled before there were kings. I remember how the discovery healed old wounds between families, made mankind safe in this world for the first time in our memories, and made even the humblest of men able to walk with a king as an equal… Yes, I remember…” I waited some small amount of time after these words, for I did not wish to impose upon the old man too much, for we had talked at this inn for a long time of many things – which I have recounted to you in this humble tome, dear reader – but I was obliged to hurry the old man, for it had been a long night already, and I was afraid for his health as he coughed heavily, and he seemed lost in his thoughts.

I purchased another mug of ale from the innkeeper, and prompted the old man for an answer to my original query. “An answer you want is it, boy? And you have fresh ale? Well, we will see… but you must know that sometimes a simple question gets not a simple answer… “I remember my father, a smith of the highest standing, first telling me as a boy that a man from the north had madest a discovery of… well, there are some secrets I fear I must take to my grave in case they fall into the wrong hands. Yet I will say this; this man of the north had found something of great importance that required a great deal of study, and had bought some paltry supplies such as hammers and chisels from my father, which is how he knew of it. “Even as a young boy I had an interest in this world in which we dwell, and this discovery surprised me. That night I stole away from my parents’ home in the land we now call Misthalin so that I might join this man in examining his findings. What had he found? Patience, boy, I am coming to that – but I cannot reveal too much, for evil walks this land, and if it knew all of the secrets which had been discovered all of man would suffer in ways you cannot imagine… let us just say, that this man from the north had discovered Magick. “I was not the only one who had come to see his discovery.

A group of people, perhaps two score in number from all over this realm, and of all ages and tribes had heard similar rumours. They were as consumed by curiosity as I and had come to pledge themselves to exposing the secrets of this discovery. I cannot describe to you the awe and wonder we all felt when first the man from the north demonstrated the power he had discovered… To strike a foe with a mighty gust of wind at will! This feat is almost commonplace nowadays, and seen in brawls all over the lands, but back then… it was as though we had gained the power of a god! “And as we trained and studied, our powers grew stronger and more unbelievable… I saw men moving objects with just the power of their mind, others turning useless items into the purest gold! “But these skills and powers were not the greatest discovery that we made. It was discovered that we could take these powers and magicks, and bind them into solid objects which we called rune stones, for each had been marked with the rune symbol of the Magick which we had bound into it. “These stones could then be given to someone who had not studied nor trained with our group – and the Magickal energies bound within them could be released at will.

We all agreed that the discovery, and the Magicks it had allowed us, and our ability to store these magicks in compressed form as stones, required much investigation, far more investigation than was possible with just the small group that we were… so we vowed to all return to our homelands and spread the message of our discoveries, so that we could gain more followers to assist us in our research. “When I returned home, my parents scolded me for my thoughtlessness and selfishness in leaving them with not a word of explanation – yet the looks on their faces when I showed them the powers I had achieved through my studies! When I smelted some of my father’s ore in my hand without the need of his furnace, he almost collapsed with wonderment, for it was then that he saw what I could see when I had left home; that this discovery was the future of our people on this world. “Only my mother gave me words of caution, which I did not understand then in my foolish youth; that there was danger in trying to match the gods, for the gods are jealous and do not want mere mortals having powers such as they possess… Many times since then I have thought on her words and wished I had understood them as I do now.”

Again the old man’s story seemed to be unfinished, and again he seemed to be waiting for some hidden signal to proceed. Having become used to his ways in the hours I had spent with him, I rose to fetch him more ale, but he snapped out of his reverie with a wave of his hand. “No, boy, I need no more ale. I was contented for this night, and all the ale cannot wipe away the memories of treachery and bloodshed that I have,.Just indulge an old man ‘s memories of loved ones long dead for a moment, and I shall return to my tale. 

Runescape Tools for Games RS leveling-News

Today we’ve released the technique for something a little different: all-purpose tools to help players make their own games.

As the project goes from the design stage into implementation, this article talks about the goals of this unusual project, and the curious challenge of coming up with a clear design for something without limiting what it can do.

We know that to some of you, RuneScape is home to various pastimes that we didn’t really plan for you. Besides all of the quest,minigames and other features that the team has worked hard on over the years, Gielinor has plenty of room for you to organise scavenger hunts, races and all kinds of other activities, and we’ve seen that some of you like to do just that. Now, we’ve decided to set aside some time for a small update aimed at the players who come up with those activities.

There’s a slightly different update on the cards for the not-too-distant future. It won’t suit all of you, but, then, juggling all the different things RuneScape players like to do is always our biggest challenge. What it will do is make some little differences here and there, with new features that you can use in several ways that we’ve thought of…and hopefully a few we haven’t.

I was asked to come up with some items to help out, some little trinkets for the freestyle gamers among you. It’s an interesting challenge: if this stuff is all about the things we didn’t design, how can I deliberately set out to develop it? If I over-design these objects they’ll be really good for whatever I had in mind, but give you much less freedom. That would completely ruin the idea of helping you with the gameplay that you want to make.

With that in mind I’m working on a range of simple objects, each of which does something a little useful. Most of the objects are pretty simple, some a bit more complicated, but all are versatile. Hopefully, you’ll look at each item and think: “I know what I could do with that!” Just as people in the real world make dice and don’t worry about what games people will use them for, we can provide some helpful tools for you to use however you want.

As you might have guessed, there will be dice; I’m a big fan of dice. You can keep the rolls to yourself, or you can send them to your clan and everyone will know the result was genuine. Other items will help you start races fairly, run votes of clan members and check that nobody is cheating at collection and scavenging games.

We thought long and hard about what to include, seeking suggestions from fan sites, the forums and Jagex staff. We had many great suggestions – far more than we could ever use – so we picked out a selection that were particularly suitable. The number of objects we’re going ahead with is relatively small, but the intention is that each of them has plenty of potential there for all kinds of things you might think of.

Involving clans and keeping things fair are two of the main things I’m keeping in mind while developing this project. We want these tools to be good for groups, and the best way we can do that is through the Clan Chat system. That way, the game remains yours and you can invite the people you’d like to play with. Fairness is important because once you have come up with rules for your events, I want you to have ways of knowing that they are being followed.

All of these player-driven activities are part of emergent gameplay which games developers refer to. It’s a broad and interesting topic and I encourage you to click on the Web if you are interested. 

Runescape Smoking Kills

Someone new has moved to Pollnivneach and, by some twist of fate, they are not

called Ali! This strange new neighbour is called Sumona, and she has lost something

very valuable in the depths of the Pollnivneach well. Mighty rewards are on offer

for anyone willing to return what she has misplaced.

With potentially epic, if unspecified, Slayer rewards on offer, this is a venture

best-suited to those who risk their lives for curiosity. Let’s hope that curiosity

is better for them than it is for cats.

Meanwhile, eery wails and vile stenches seem to be pervading the streets. This may

be unlucky for the Pollnivneach tourist trade, but at least there is something in it

for adventurous types. In fact, they may be turned to one’s advantage when dealing

with the mixed bag of unpleasantness beneath Pollnivneach…

We have introduced two new worlds for those who prefer to chat, or be chatted to,

with Quick Chat. The worlds are 160 and 161. Conventional chat may not be used on

these worlds – they are for Quick Chat users only.

NOTE – We would like to remind players that we have absolutely NO intention of

removing free chat from the game, either now or in the future. Quick Chat is

designed to be an optional alternative to normal chat.

Quick Chat users can now chat to their friends on FunOrb, and vice versa. Simply

select a friend from your Friends List and then choose what you want to say from the

‘General’ and/or ‘Inter-game’ menus within Quick Chat.

We have made efforts to stop the strange ‘dancing’ effect that occurs when fighting

monsters on the same square as you. You should find that, instead of moving from

side to side, you find a more suitable position to attack the monster from.

Dragon square shields have been updated, thanks to observant players who noted that

its two halves wouldn’t make a square! 

Diablo 3 Gold The Auctions

Blizzard, the developer of diablo 3, offers merely a very small established of knowledge details regarding commodities auctions, and also the selling price at which individuals market and buy diablo 3 gold and objects. It appears, nevertheless, that they have coded that processing for a single specific of such items of information by the way of enabling that unscrupulous to existing deceptive value signals to other individuals, and relying on it would bring about some shocking outcomes about the buying and providing facets of that transaction of cheap diablo 3 gold and things.
Diablo 3 News
Let us make use of the Fiery Brimstones as an illustration. I invested in certain quantity of time on last Wednesday night to gather info to the selling prices from these limited amount of figures, and i want to reveal you my results looking at that, within a hope which you could potentially keep away from receiving burned by these hunting for manipulating the cost to their gains.

When planning to purchase an product such as Fiery Brimstone with diablo 3 gold, investing inside a provided amount and then hitting Investigate will return some pieces of information:

one. It’ll existing a single per-unit marketing cost quote, in addition to features a full quantity for a assortment of units that you simply entered.

two. It might display screen the “Average Past ten Trades” pricing for each unit.

three. It is going to demonstrate the “Average Remaining Working day of Trades” value for each unit. 

Diablo 3 Gold The Expense in Switching

The only principal factor that has effects on the diablo 3 gold value in the Brimstones in diablo 3 from the long term would be the comprehensive accessible source of them for every consumer. Thinking of that, what types of modifications would Blizzard probably announce which could have more significant than the usual short-term impact on its perceived benefit?
gamesecrets awesome animations diablo 3 Diablo 3 Speed Guide
In an effort to eliminate that needle in the long haul, Blizzard must should discover out the way in which to make a numerously Brimstones that may be eye-catching to players, exactly where a lousy Famous item drop will be considered the rationale to celebrate on account of understanding that Brimstone can be salvaged from that. The speed of the destruction will need to enormously exceed that of development as well.

Blizzard has already been reluctant to produce top-notch crafting exceptionally potent, because that may hence possess the consequence of diminishing the value of rare item and Legendary item drops. But in addition to latest changes on the match dynamics, they might have earlier set a stage with the likely modification that is definitely ready to permit players to get the very best objects that truly worth an incredible offer of low-priced diablo 3 gold of the two worlds.

Think about the subsequent hypothetical announcement that Blizzard set out the patch notes that indicate some of the new blacksmith programs which is planning to be introduced to pretty craftable and highly effective objects that gamers are ready to buy diablo 3 gold to receive them, with superior crafting expenditures, this sort of as several FB for each item receiving crafted, and reasonably expensive gold rates too. The catch: the crafted points from all those new recipes are all Bind To Account, much like the Hellfire Ring.

What type of knock-on success may possibly we see out of this form of an adjustment? A lot of gamers will be eager to get that recipes, not amazingly, hence the sales offering price tag from these recipes could travel finish diablo 3 gold auction house trades. 

Diablo 3 Gold The criteria for Flipping

By targeting specified diablo 3 gold purchasers inside the match, you’ll be able to utilize your reaction to how attractive and eye-catching the diablo 3 merchandise is because the tough indicator of whether or not anyone will feel serious about acquiring it.
Diablo 3 News
The products that you just may possibly visualize searching yourself are consequently more very likely to be things that several other folks might be probably to acquire diablo 3 gold. You are going to typically offer with the much more standards just as the extras that differentiate the listings without driving up that price tag.

Utilize that as first-level criteria for flipping of affordable diablo 3 gold and products, filtering out a thing else even in advance with the price tag is considered. Will I spend dollars to purchase the item alone for myself and if it is so, will it switch up working together with the investigate patterns I’m most certainly utilize?

If it doesn’t match up it’d not be considered a very good focus on to test to flip, even though the item price tag is so not significant. As an alternative, emphasize on these items which match up up with that first-level criteria. For second level, employ irrespective of what lookup sample you would be likely to make use of when acquiring the item of that sort, and see in which on ensuing listing of the item turns up if you begin to tighten that standards when you look for some superior bargains.

If you’re shopping for buyouts, you should to presently see the items standing out as the sore thumb, considerably underneath the price tag you will be all set to purchase it. It makes it an clear choice for paying for it and relisting.