WOW 5.2 subsequent PvP equipment to Remove the 2200 match grade

PvP gear will be some improvements in the near future, before this we want to let everyone understand that we are prepared to make what kind of WOW Gold, allowing the player to a deeper understanding of the reasons behind them. We also welcome the World of Warcraft PvP community can participate in the discussion.

Common: the advantage from the beginning of the season that World of Warcraft players can quickly obtain the best equipment, and occupying the position on the ladder ranking very high level match. In many cases, these World of Warcraft players rarely will participate in the remainder of the season, but still be able to get the reward at the end of the season. This is obviously not a fair competition, this the ladder mechanism also no irritation at all. We hope the ladder rankings could have been highly competitive, high ranked World of Warcraft players still need to stop efforts to maintain the ranking throughout the season, not just to establish some early advantage after waiting to get the reward.

The biggest problem faced by the starting World of Warcraft players in PvP mid-season gap on the equipment. Compared to the early start of the player, the player’s equipment is obvious disadvantage. We want World of Warcraft players in PvP season to the mid-term when there is still enough reason to join, but also did not forget to let those World of Warcraft players get the returns they deserve from beginning to end into the season.

PvP equipment matches the level of demand and does not reach the 2200 level World of Warcraft players between the invisible distinction between open, and this threshold is crossed up is not easy. We hope see the clan through learning radian gradual upgrading ranking; instead hit a certain level suddenly hit a brick wall, no longer be able to move forward.