World of Warcraft Darkmoon Fair Guide

The Epic Neck:

A good gear could mean Victory or Death when you fight someone or something (PvP, PvE, Grind, Instances).

For a “little” favor or whit a little work you can have an Epic Trinket!
The “Male” classes could profit mostly (DD Warrior, DD Paladin, Rogues or Hunters too) from the First one:

Amulet of the Darkmoon:
+10 Strength
+19 Agility
+10 Stamina

The second is Caster based (Maga, Priest, Paladins…)

Orb of the Darkmoon:
+11 Stamina
+8 Spirit
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 22.

I counted a little, and it comet out, That it can be “gathered” from 1 Gold 20 Silver – To ~190 Gold PLUS

“How To”

When Darkmoon Fiery event is active, you can complete Q-ts to obtain tickets. And that is what we need. The Q-ts are repeatable, and that’s our luck! The “cheapest” Q-t items what you can give down till you have the 1200 ticket is Thorium Widget! Is an Engineering “component”.

1200 tickets = Epic Neck (one from above)
The Q-ts are Profession based, but this can be tricked out!
You will need a “Schematic: Thorium Widget” (Limited supply: 1G 20S by Vendors, 3G-10G+ at AH) If he knows it, even better for us
First: You need to find someone who has Engineering around lvl 260 (needed to create Thorium Widget-s) and tell him that you “pay” his Engineering skill to 300 if he helps you.

Now the numbers and the Countings
By the turn ins, you could count so:
6 Thorium Widget = 20 Darkmoon Fiery Ticket
1200 Ticket needed -> 1200:20 = 60 (turn ins total)
60*6 = 360 Thorium Widgets needed

Take 3 Thorium Bars + 1 Runecloth to create a Widget
So we need:
3 Thorium Bars * 360 Widgets = 1080 Thorium Bars (54 Stack)
1 Runecloth * 360 Widgets = 360 Runecloth (18 Stack)

You can farm Runecloths at “Trys Hand” from humanoids, or from Stratholme, Solomance, etc. Or You can by everything from AH 1 Gold – 2 Gold / stack (at 1,5 gold -> 18stack*1,5= 27 Gold)

162 Gold
+27 Gold
1,2 Gold
190,2 Gold

The Engineer makes the Widget (He levels up to 300 by the first 60-70), You turn in the Widgets, get the tickets and then “buy” your Neck. Everyone is Happy (I choused this one)

OR The other way:
You can turn in: Rugged Armor Kit
5 Rugged leather per Kit -> 8 Rugged Kit per turn in -> 40 Rugged Leather per turn in
1200 tickets – 60 turn ins => 40 * 60 = 2400 Rugged Leather needed to this.