How to say, shout, and generally get your message across in WoW

Newsflash! World of Warcraft is what’s called an MMO or massively multiplayer online game. What this means is that you’re constantly playing with other people, and a lot of them. And since you’re playing with them, you’re probably going to want to be able to communicate with them. Though this may seem like basic stuff, WoW has a number of different communication tools and they may not all be evident to the new player. (Please don’t ask me how long it took me to figure out how to use chat channels. Because, uh, I don’t remember. Let’s go with that.)

To start, most of the chat commands are typed into the game prefaced with a slash — though just hitting enter will remember what type of chat command you last used and assume you want to keep speaking in the same way.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get talking.

Talk locally
If you specifically want to talk to players who are in the immediate vicinity of your character, you have two options: say (/say or /s) and yell (/yell or /y). These two types of chat are pretty much exactly like their real-life counterparts and both, by default, will appear as a speech bubble over your character’s head as well as in everyone’s chat windows. If you want to talk to people very close to your character, using say will work. And if you want to talk to people who aren’t quite as nearby (but are still in the area), using yell will work. You’ll frequently find both of these used in bustling public areas — say, yelling to see if any nearby rogue can open a lockbox for you.

To use either command, hit enter and then type /s or /y followed by a space, your message, and then enter one last time to send your words out to those around you. If you’ve just used /s or /y, hitting enter will automatically assume you want to use the same again, so you’ll just need to hit enter, type your message, and then hit enter again to send it.