The intrepid folks over at Wowhead have been busy digging through the patch 5.3 PTR and discovering a host of new models and items associated with the new patch. For mount collecting enthusiasts, the addition of a new mount achievement in patch 5.1 and the Jade Pandaren Kite as a reward was a delightful surprise. For those who have been collecting mounts for quite some time, however, the kite was immediately available upon the launch of patch 5.1, and it didn’t appear as though any further rewards would be offered.
But mount collectors should be happy to note that there has been yet another mount achievement added in with patch 5.3. Mount Parade is earned by collecting 200 mounts, and offers two uniquely colored mounts as rewards. Alliance players will receive the Armored Blue Dragonhawk, and Horde players will receive the Armored Red Dragonhawk. Wowhead has models of both versions available for viewing — and frankly, they’re really well done. I wasn’t sure what to expect with yet another dragonhawk to pile on the collection, but the detail in these models is pretty stunning.
Also datamined with the latest round of the 5.3 PTR was the warhorse pictured above. There doesn’t appear to be a file for it on Wowhead at this time, but the 3D model is viewable by checking Wowhead’s latest news post. As of yet there’s no news on what this horse is, where it drops, or if it’s even available to players in the next patch. However, another mount has been added to the list — the Brawler’s Burly Mushan Beast. At the moment there is no model available for the mount, but the name suggests that perhaps the Brawler’s Guild will be seeing some pretty cool rewards soon.
As a mount collector, I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the new reward models — but I’d love to hear what you guys think. Would you rather have seen something else? What do you think of the warhorse? And don’t forget to check out Wowhead for a look at the 3D models for the new mounts. 

3 Silly Little Death Knight Problems, Lichborne

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Lichborne for blood, frost, and unholy death knights. In the post-Cataclysm era, death knights are no longer the new kids on the block. Let’s show the other classes how a hero class gets things done.

A few weeks back, I wrote a column singing the praises of the patch 5.2 death knight. I definitely stand by that column. Death knights remain a solid, fun class to play this patch. That said, there’s always problems. Some of them probably won’t ever be solved by patch changes. Today, we’re going to look at some of the sillier death knight problems I’ve been dealing with lately, and see if there’s any chance of relief for them.

My weapon won’t drop

This is a problem I’ve had for ages. It seems like ever since Wrath, my death knight has had to wait a little longer for the weapon I actually want to wield because either it never drops or because someone else generally wins the roll or pays more DKP than me.

I, of course, do my best to do a little bit of every spec every patch because I want to be able to report on DK issues first hand, but my first death knight love and my main spec will always be some form of two-handed DPS.

This, of course, means I have horrible luck getting two handed weapons. When the latest expansion started, I literally could not get an item level 463 weapon until I get exalted with the Klaxxi and purchased one. My bad luck’s continued since then. Despite having Crystallized Terror waiting in my backpack, I have yet to get my hands on a Shin’ka to use it in. Throne of Thunder has been more of the same. No matter how many Mogu Runes of Fate I spend, that Bo’ris just won’t drop.

So, I’ve given in. Currently, I’m spending most of my time as dual wield frost, wielding axes from Tortos and Elegon. It’s not my favorite setup, but I can’t justify sticking stubbornly with an item level 463 weapon. I’m thinking of spending all my money on a Lionheart Executioner, Reborn though, just so I can maybe justify going back. Unfortunately, most blacksmiths I know are keeping those weapons for themselves for transmogrification purposes and need 30 days worth of materials to make one anyway, so it may be a while before I can do that.

It’s hard to ask Blizzard for a fix for this, because part of the nature of WoW as a game is that loot drops have an element of randomness to them. One possibility, which they have worked with in the past, is making craftable weapons that fill the gap. The new weapons in patch 5.2, which take 30 days to get to a level where they’re usable in end-game content, are a bit much though. Some weapon that could be crafted in closer to 5-10 days, even if it was ugly, might be nicer.

One fix they are implementing in patch 5.3 might help though. By giving bonus rolls a higher chance to give you a drop the longer they go without giving you a drop, it at least tilts the odds in my favor that I might get a weapon eventually, as long as I do the dailies to get the charms.

I want to use my pretty polearm, dang it

Transmogrification has been one of my favorite additions to the game. That said, I also wish it was a lot more permissive than it is. One of the big death knight specific areas where this comes up is the ability to use polearms. Polearms just have a size and power to them that makes them fun to wield as melee weapons. Plus, Draenei males do this really awesome flipping move with them.

Polearms used to be a pretty viable choice for 2-handed strength DPS back in the day. Since most of them came with raw attack power, their stats generally worked for us, and we could do DPS that was at or only barely below what we’d get from wielding a strength-bearing weapon instead. Well do I remember the days of diligently tracking down ever Kalu’ak quest so I could buy a Whale-Stick Harpoon the moment I hit revered.

Alas, as expansions have come and gone, Blizzard reduced polearms to agility weapons, meaning we couldn’t really justify the loss of the attack power strength would bring. They also completely eschewed strength-bearing polearms at the end game because warriors with Titan’s Grip couldn’t use them due to graphics issues. This means that all the awesome polearms I have in my bank just begging to used in a set, from Hellreaver to Black Ice, just gather dust.

Luckily, there’s signs this could be another problem that will be solved in a few patches. We already have one strength polearm this tier, and with the devs aiming to allow warriors to use polearms with Titan’s Grip in patch 5.4, it could pave the way for more. Then we just need them to change transmogrification to allow polearms to transmog onto axes, swords, and maces, and we’ll really be in business.

I miss that old ability from back in the day

All classes have undergone changes. Some of them have been major changes, such as when hunters went from using mana to using a completely new resource system called focus. Still, I’d argue that death knights have had the most drastic changes. As the first new class to be implemented since the game went live, we were certainly given some extra TLC during the Wrath beta, and come out of it a bit overpowered. Unfortunately, the devs decided they couldn’t just tweak numbers and instead took entire skills and abilities away. I will always look back with fondness at the days when I was an unholy death knight with bone shield, a ghoul pet, the ability to turn into a ghoul, and an Unholy Blight spell that did constant damage to all my enemies and counted as a fourth disease to make my weapon strikes that much better.

But even with those skills removed, the biggest blow came with the complete removal of some of our specializations. Blood DPS, frost tanking, and unholy tanking went the way of the dodo. You will still see the occasional forlorn death knight lamenting and wishing for the days of Death Strikes that combined nigh immortality with massive DPS.

It is unlikely we’ll ever see those old days back. You could argue that druids got their feral and guardian specs split out, but that was also a bit more drastic, in that they either had to split the specs or completely remove one of the feral forms. With death knights, you can leave most of the flavor of the trees intact whether they’re limited to DPS or tanking.

The bright side with this one is that while we’re never going to get all our old skills back, Blizzard does seem open to fitting in homages and small adjustments when it can. Unholy Blight, for example, recently came back as an alternate way to apply and spread diseases. It’s not perfect, and it’s not a return to the glory days, but it’s a nice, useful trip down memory lane. 

Winners Announced for Blizzard Student Art Contest

Blizzard’s second annual Student Art Contest has announced its winners. There were three announced winners for environments; Nick Dariano, Daehi Kim, and Kyoungche Kim all won fo their work designing environments. The character design winner was Ariel Fain for her “Old Crow” who I immediately demand as a playable race in the next expansion.

You can see the awesome winners and the honorable mentions (all of which are pretty awesome as well – I especially like the Mole Master character design) at the official site. 

World of Warcraft Gold Secrets

In World of Warcraft, every player knows that it’s necessary to have a good amount of World of Warcraft gold to go with whatever equipment, weapons, armor and mount you may have in order to be able to compete with other players. No matter how much experience you have, you need to have the best equipment, and that costs lots of WOW gold. If you’re without your equipment, you’re at a sore disadvantage compared to other players. After all, that sword or mount you’ve been wanting is going to cost more World of Warcraft money than you may have, and if you’re intending to go into the higher level areas, the strongest equipment is needed. Here are a few ways to get World of Warcraft gold.

One of the best ways to get WOW gold is to obviously train for it, meaning you go out and kill enemies and take whatever items and other valuables they may have on them at the time. When you do this, make sure you have a mage with you or someone else who can heal. In a way, it’s like old-school console RPGs; you go into the field and kill enemies, not using items to heal yourself but just using magic Cure spells or the like. Items cost money – and the more items you use, the more you have to restock. Also, try to accurately gauge your level. Yes, you could take your level 20 fighter into the level 10 enemies, but there’s not really going to be a lot of gold from them relative to what you should be getting. Try to fight monsters that are within a few levels of you – maybe two or three in either direction. This is because it takes a lot of time to get any worthy amount of gold from low-level enemies.

Once you get a good amount of kills on your record, you’re likely going to have gained a few items to sell, because odds are you picked up armors you already had. So, you can go sell these, particularly to the goblin tribes. The goblins are pretty shrewd traders – they’ve had to be, dealing with Alliance and Horde, after all. The thing to remember about trading with goblins is to trade like them. Be aggressive in your selling. Every chance you get on the trading forum (and ONLY the trading forum) advertise your findings so you’ll get the most interest. Also, set your price by looking in Auction houses – people are often willing to buy for higher than you think, so price your item at slightly cheaper WOW gold than similar in the auction House.

When you’re trading, have the actual transaction be done through a private message, or whisper. This helps to avoid too much competition – you can deal with one offer at a time. Another thing to keep in mind is the seasoning and location. In the mountains, where lots of ice-elemental creatures live, you’re not going to do too well trying to sell a fire-based weapon or piece of armor, unless you happen across a character that plans on going to such a place.

Farming for World of Warcraft gold is half killing enemies, half selling the items you get from them and all persistence. Sure, there are programs that tell you how to do it quickly, but it really takes the fun out of the game. You’re an adventure hero play like one. 

WOW Gold Buying Safety Measures

Ok, you’re sick and tired of grinding and working 8 hours of day in World of Warcraft to make that 100 gold. It’s time to buy WoW Gold and buy it now. But wait, who do you buy from? Who can you trust? You want the best price for buying WOW gold but you don’t want to get ripped off by some fly by night gold seller… believe me there are plenty of them. I’ll outline a good starting point for you so you know what to look for when buying.

Before you buy WOW gold there are a few ground rules and precautions you should know. First, it may seem like common sense, but never give out your password or login information to any gold seller. They don’t need it! They only need to know what server you’re on and where to meet you for buying WOW gold.

You also should check into the seller’s reputation. One simple tactic is googling their name and quickly looking over what others have said about them. Also if they use paypal as a payment method be sure they are a paypal certified merchant that accepts credit card payments. Sellers must go through a long process with paypal verifying their credit card, identity, address, and bank account. If anything goes wrong paypal can track them easily. Also paypal has a list of reputation points for all their merchant sellers. You can easily see how many sales of cheap WOW gold seller has made via paypal. I would recommend not buying from a seller with less than 10 sales.

Another thing I always do before buying WOW gold is talk to someone! I know you might hate the thought of picking up the phone and calling to some company when all you want to do is click a button to order. So, don’t call. Talk to live support. Every good WOW gold seller will have 24/7 live chat support. If they don’t, they can’t deliver your gold when you want it… now! So make sure you talk to someone before ordering even if all you do is ask them if they’re awake. This way they’ll know you’re ordering and be waiting to fulfill your order as soon as it comes through.

So use some common sense when buying World of Warcraft gold online. It’s easy to think you’re still in a safe game when you really need to consider the person or company you buy from fairly carefully before buying. 

WoW Smelting Ore And Mining Skill Levels

If you are looking for the best World of Warcraft gold sellers,come to our site is your best choice.As a largest World of Warcraft gold sellers,we never let you down.Recently you might have been walking around in the very few sites in search of the most affordable WoW gold by using instantaneous shipping.We supply WoW gold both on EU and US server.A number of Wow supporters are actually asking yourself exactly where they could obtain soundest Whoa cash with all the greatest plus a ascertained basic safety. Suggestions an area exactly where it is possible to know your entire wildest goals in WoW. Receiving safe and cheap WoW gold,and powerleveling is actually no more any aspiration at our best WoW gold supplier.

We are still publish news and guides to player.Recently something about mining updated.On the list of good methods to levels exploration to on the list of excellent essential facets to be able to making cash by using Exploration is actually smelting. It’s any talent you obtain once you turn out to be any Miner which helps you consider a good number of Ores like Office assistant Ore  to change these folks directly into watering holes like office assistant Watering holes and Container Bars.

You’ll want a specific levels before you decide to may smelt a specific Ore usually a similar levels it is possible to my own it and it commonly offers Exploration skillups for a short time. Therefore, you’ll venture out, neighborhood several ore, after that keep coming back and smelt these folks, wash in addition to try right until you’re that potential level of skill.Smelting could be a the money company.And we supply WoW gold cheaply to player. It is possible to seek to the market residence with regard to several shiny Ores  to evaluate its price ranges to be able to shiny watering holes. In case you get a good number of ores offering less expensive approach shiny watering holes, it is possible to choose the Ore,smelt the idea, in addition to market that watering holes in the nice and clean benefit. Also you can obtain Ores for any place in addition to reason for ranking up exploration, despite the fact that it’s not just a less expensive knack of performing it.You can obtain the WoW gold safely from our World of Warcraft gold sellers.

Minerals  spawn inside rough places, usually with regards to cliffs, of these accurate the lens quality. They are going to spawn inside exclusive, set locations, therefore whenever a good number of can be mined just one single a lot more spawns an area into the spot. Whenever spawning, there is any sleek and stylish chance for virtually every difficult to acquire vitamin and mineral crawl spider vein and therefore spawn as an alternative to any regular a genuine for just to illustrate, an excellent Iron bars watering holes Crawl spider vein can be transformed which has a vein. As a result a person can’t overfarm a spot so when you’re in search of virtually any difficult to acquire crawl spider vein then it’s smart to own just the thing the simple truth is to raise the chance of one’s difficult to acquire a spawning.You can contact our World of Warcraft gold sellers whenever you want to buy WoW gold or other WoW products. 

Void Storage In Patch 4.3

With regard to quite a while right now,WoW online players are actually trying for a spot through which to be able to retailer essential mementos which includes appreciated armour units,exclusive journey benefits like WoW gold,products through buddies,and additional priceless products that they have gathered about its the selected profession through Azeroth.Besides,if you haven’t gather enough WoW gold you can buy WoW gold online to get it quickly.That is the attribute we have now sought to include on the adventure for a short time, therefore we are fired up to be able to pronounce which,as a consequence of that geniuso entrepreneurship in the Ethereals,a new long-term backup choice may rapidly end up being designed for completionists to extractors similarly.

In Patch 4.3,character types off degrees can take benefit from a fresh technologies generally known as”Void Backup” that may reopen 40 pai gow poker regarding long-term space for storage.Useless Backup vaults shall be obtainable in together Stormwind and Orgrimmar and may end up being used by just talking to your own nearby Vaultkeeper.Luckly,you can buy Wow gold online at cheap price here.

In return for this unique service because of this exclusive company, that Ethereals will be needing a smallish payment for every piece put in the WoW account directly into as well as removed from other Useless Backup. Patch 4.3 products might be put in taken out at a time, and the expense of every deal shall be present end of it in the tv screen, bringing up-to-date dynamically since you choose supplemental products to be able to downpayment as well as distance themself. After a service is positioned directly into Useless Backup,it is possibly keep on being now there indefinitely with regard to absolutely no supplemental expense.

You need to notice which encourage useless Backup is not to become minute commercial lender, nonetheless alternatively an area exactly where online players may correctly retailer products they will would like to retain for any living in the activity, also with regard to emotional as well as cosmetic motives. If you want to get WoW gold online easily just buy  World of Warcraft gold now. Because this specific backup choice is not truly designed for important things which you can work with fairly often for instance your present couple of raiding products, with regard to example, virtually any piece put into Useless Backup shall be removed off it has the improvements, which includes enchants,jewels,sockets and reforged statistics,and several products may not qualify for useless Backup whatsoever.This will likely aid us all minimize that influence these kinds of backup can offer to the activity, in the end permits us all to produce a good number of long-term space for storage by using marginal affect workers perform encounter.We promise you get WoW gold quickly when you buy WoW gold online at our site. 

Tier 13 Raid Gear Set Bonuses In Patch 4.3

Blizzard has released together any preview in the glimpse regarding the brand new Tier 13 Raid Gear raid products that may end up being produced by using Patch 4.3 and a glance at that offered set bonuses.Promptly haven’t learn the total report on set bonuses, have zero concern they will almost all end up being demonstrated on this page since most player create a rapid have a look at the many Collection 13 Raid bonuses.In addition,we also provide cheap WoW products like WoW CD key,Account to all player.

Without starting the many precise details in advance, I have to state which most are all  improvements in the present collection 12 raid products set bonuses. There are a few conditions much like the Essential Shaman where the collection 12 set bonus,but isn’t shabby in Patch 4.3.There are quite fragile right this moment, much like the Warrior DPS set currently being quite poor, in cases that bonuses total quite rapid that they are major bonuses.Additionally,we also give player the extra WoW gold as bonuses.

That set bonuses for Death Knights  is a tiny bit strange right this moment, specifically tanks. As you move a couple of piece tanking bonus is actually good so you usually are not rune locked from lower wellbeing and possess a lot more choices about how to proceed,the idea isn’t which major of your increase. When you obtain rotations along, it’s not at all frequently you’re limited about runes.That 4 piece tanking bonus is actually strange precisely as it truly won’t give a perk into the player themselves, nonetheless as an alternative into the entire raid.Because Vampiric Bloodstream is actually any short-term wellbeing and therapeutic increase it is on work with to tanks, only in AOE fights would the idea perk that raid. Perhaps Blizzard is showing us all which collection Tier 13 Raid Gear will present a good number of AOE?Moreover,if you need buy gold to fights just contact us through live chat or email.

For any collection 13 DPS Demise Knight set bonus both the a couple of piece and 4 piece bonuses additional cost-free capabilities which might be good because all the time you should use a capacity of almost nothing the idea aids in your own rune usage and ups your own DPS.

That set bonuses of  Druids is a tiny bit strange thanks to just what they actually. The total amount bonuses might seem good, as you move player is a tiny bit strange, in the exact influences even though.The total amount bonuses,especially that 3% additional wounds from nearly all your main injury capabilities in the a couple of piece bonus. That 4 piece feels a reduced amount of of your up grade because starsurge commonly isn’t used with regard to the idea comes up for instant.That feral bonuses will be the truly strange versions, since Savage Safety bonus is nonetheless challenging to moment to be a aquarium, even so the DPS a couple of piece bonuses feels truly good since your own Rip will stay productive for a longer time, losing the demand to renew the idea. For any 4 piece bonus it  is  like the Death Knights tanking bonus exactly where Frenzied Regeneration will right now impact almost all raid members, which feels strange but will be challenging to moment. 

The Favorite Single Player Games

When it comes to WoW certainly you will be compelled to step in the solitude and fearless an organization. Even though you won’t obtain biggest singular player face in WoW you will discover the idea in a good number of additional MMORPGS.World of Warcraft gold is a necessary for WoW player.Now we’d like to introduce favorite single player games to WoW Player.

Skyrim is a first favorite single player games we’d like to tell you. Every player is talking about Skyrim,it literally happens to be any method in themselves. Any role-playing activity produced through Bethesda Activity Studios, it is that 5th installation in the Elder Scrolls collection which is to speak about minimally, any roaring success.Turning round the player’s quest to eliminate Alduin, who is out to eliminate everything, Skyrim will be the ultimate sole player encounter.

Much like the rest of the Elder Scroll collection before the idea, nonlinear action regulations better in this activity. Just what this implies for any player is the fact that you will discover practically amazing possibilities. Regardless if you want to complete quests, acquire your own nature, or simply discover everythingin this single player games. In Skyrim you might have that potential to completely discover the adventure provides no make any difference your own choice it is practically assured you do enjoy yourself performing it.When you want to buy WoW gold just click”buy gold”we  will finish the delivery as soon as we can.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Diablo is a fantasy-themed motion role trying to play activity set on the earth regarding Haven. It’s one of the favorite single player games.Within this specific universe players face off contrary to the denizens regarding Terrible that are established to propagate break down exactly where they will visit. Even though Diablo in the past offers made available us all an awesome multiplayer universe, players can get which trying to play sole player in this activity retains almost nothing out, with the exception another players.

Players utilize Fight to work with and set up mmorpgs exactly where they could elect to venture in the universe themselves as well as by using additional players. The ones that elect to venture themselves can get the fact that universe and also the mobs in the container mould to this specific choice and when Diablo III is still around accurate into the Diablos in the earlier, players will probably never want an organization to perform the adventure. Don’t own a web interconnection? No problem! Diablo in the past offers given a whole sole player choice so that players to venture in the activity in ever before attaching into the net. By using it’s addictive action, bluish deal, and replay capacity Diablo is a sole player’s paradise-poker. 

Parental Controls for Raid WoW Gold Finder

Blizzard has a built in several tools for parents which are worried about their particular children playing free games but still would like to allow them to learn. The tools are there to help parents feel practical about allowing its children online simply by allowing them align limits on what they will do, report on the they do, plus censor what they will see. The items that you can control through this parental settings usually are as follows below in addition to some details as well as suggestions on setting them to save time, and don’t to raid WoW gold finder by themselves.
Play Schedules

In addition to setting time limits, you can also set once the times are potentially they are allowed to perform. For example you’ll be able to set it so your children could only play immediately after school but previous to bedtime, or only about the weekends. By doing this it is also possible to ensure that they are not skipping away from class or getting up during the night to visit play World of Warcraft. Naturally it doesn’t prevent them from sneaking available or getting about do other things, but that’s a person’s parenting duties, that is just to help you. Better yet, Blizzard has a number pre-created schedules that you can apply to ensure it is easy. One key point to remember recommendations that if you place it up to block school days in daytime, you will must go in as well as edit the timetable for holidays, in-services, along with other days they own off.
Battle Settings of Actual ID, Voice Speak, and More

This section is really a pretty big one particular and offers lots of options, many of which are important provacy in addition to security ones, consequently check them out closely. Real ID bothers lots of players to pleading with with, never brain parents of youngsters. Real ID units your email address that may enable people an individual don’t want contacting your son or daughter having their electronic mail address. Luckily Blizzard has thought of this and you’ll find two options. First you are able to turn it down entirely, so that but there’s more display. This however also turns off each of the features that Authentic ID enable, like cross game chew the fat.

The second option is that you can create your child’s account within your name, so it is your electronic mail and name that appears instead of theirs. This means that you can filter any electronic mails that come to your website including get WoW gold online, while still allowing them make use of all the public features it enables. When they tend to be old enough for you to feel you may trust them for it on with their very own name, Blizzard will change it up to their own brand for free given that you provide evidence of of ID with regard to both you plus your child. The only real issue with this option is the fact that your child’s friends will see your child because your name at their friends number, not a big deal though.

On this section is also the neighborhood where you may control and control chat, guild, along with other options. While you may turn off lots of the different chat solutions, I would suggest to not ever. The problem is that World ofW is not such as your average video game where you perform it by on your own. Remember it is surely an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Activity) and therefore used to be played along with people in the interactive way, besides by yourself. If you ever disable to a number social options you’re essentially blocking half the adventure, if you believe that strongly about the idea, maybe the moment isn’t quite right to allow your child to learn yet.
Less Play-Time and Not Raid WoW Gold Finder

This is one feature Make like as it provides exactly the exact times that your child has trialled. The report is definitely emailed to you at the conclusion of each week and gives you ways to see when these people logged on each time, for how fire wood, and total times during the period of the week. Also because it really is via email for a own email deal with you child doesn’t can download it, or even should know about it in case you don’t want these individuals to. It’s a nice strategy to track what is going on without being intrusive. Naturally if they have become their homework accomplished, their chores executed, and still dating and playing along with friends, why bring the idea up or point out times. You can see their times and when there are no issues, nothing ever is required to be said.

On another side of the actual coin though, once they had a guide report or significant school project due using a certain day so you find out later who’s was done inadequately or handed with late, you can look at why your child do quests again and again. Maybe he don’t have enough gold store in WOW, and have to get more with more time to play game. Just return through your emails and examine if they spent the days before playing instead of working. If ?t had been the cause, then you can step in and make an appointment with them about priorities and either placed tighter play instances or remove obtain all together for quite a while