Today, a green haze rests upon RuneScape as its major cities play host to what the pundits are calling P-Hat-Palooza – or, at least, they should be!

Green p-hats – specifically picked so as not to upset the delicate balance of the RuneScape economy – are lying strewn throughout the streets of Lumbridge, Varrock and Falador. Free players and subscribers alike can leap into game right now and pluck a piece of RuneScape fresh from the green hand of Guthix himself.

The p-hats can only be found for free today, and are non-tradable, so be sure to grab one while you can. Once the drop-party is over, those who missed out will be able to buy one from Diango’s shop in Draynor Village.

This promises to be a historic event, so get in game and take part in P-Hat-Palooza now!

It doesn’t stop here, though: we’ve a range of new p-hats in the works, including the Wasabi-P-Hat, for those looking for a spicy taste of the Eastern Lands; the Ex-P’at, which imparts the “Tax Haven” buff, giving a percentage bonus to GP gain, but preventing use of the Home Teleport spell; and – for all you doe-eyed romantics out there – the Mushy P-Hat: available in matching pairs.