Official Site Updates, News & Visuals

Dragonshard Announced
Via the press release linked above, developer Liquid Entertainment and publisher Atari officially announced the real-time strategy title, which is set in the D&D Eberron campaign.

Wrath & Skeller Site
Seemingly within recent days, Warthog has opened a location for this project. Described as an action-oriented RPG aimed at gamers, it lists PC and any console as possible platforms.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Dev Logs
Joe Ludwig reports on some recent activities including work with the game’s particle system. He also says he is writing a couple of chapters for a book, the sequel to Massively Multiplayer Game Development. In addition, Misha Williams reports on the 24 build the Flying Lab team pushed during the past four weeks.

NCsoft Corporate Site Re-Launched
As of the end of last month, the publisher and developer has given its global portal an updated look. The link above leads to the English-language section.

The Saga of Ryzom at Games Convention
Nevrax told fans it will be at this year’s version of Games Convention, the major German trade show, which is scheduled for August 19-22 in Leipzig.

Shadowbane Free Trial Offer for Former Subscribers
To help mark Patch 3.0, The Secrets of Power, Ubisoft is offering former subscribers the chance to experience the current version for 15 days. The promotion runs from August 6-21. Click on the link for details.

Tabula Rasa Team Profile
The latest Illumination personal Q&A asks Designer James Parkman several questions in total. They cover personal topics plus his game credits, current position and how he got into the industry.

Reclamation Audio Interview Friday
Lyra Studios’ “Lyra-Dagger” will take part in a session this Friday at 3pm Pacific time. You can obtain further details via the link above.

Runescape Achieves 40,000 Concurrent Players
Developer Jagex announced earlier today that its java-based browser-based 3D Java online adventure game reached the figure above on July 31. The company also said its active player base is 968,000, of whom 96,481 subscribe at $5 a month, receiving additional abilities and other features.

Guild Wars Wallpaper
The latest desktop from ArenaNet highlights the tropical region of Kryta in its mission-oriented title, which continues to attract increasing attention.

The Witcher Screenshot
Shown with yesterday’s date, a new image from CD Projekt’s action-oriented RPG takes us back to the Narakort Tavern in the city of Vyzime. This time, we see a view of the kitchen.