Bots And Cheaters Banned

A new year has dawned and 2012 fades into the past, however our resolve against botters and those who would use exploits to gain an unfair advantage over others has never wavered.
As part of our ongoing war on botting, we continue to take action against those confirmed to be using a bot script. Just yesterday we banned a large number of bot users, including a number of maximum level players.
We want to reconfirm our commitment to the RuneScape community that we are taking steps every day to rid RuneScape of any and all bots. Nobody is exempt from this, whether it’s a fresh account or a paying maxed-out player.
We also detected a small number of players who had engineered an exploit to abuse the God Statues content which was added yesterday. In addition to adding extra security to our code, we’ve permanently banned the accounts which took part and all other accounts associated with those users. Such exploitation is totally unacceptable and we have a zero tolerance policy against any such behaviour. Ultimately those who use bot scripts and abuse exploits are harmful toward the economy of RuneScape, and are not the type of individuals that we want as part of our community.
The RuneScape Team
Don’t get me wrong I’m all for removing cheaters but I feel like they just post this every 6 months now to get some momentum going. They actually do these mass bans a month or so after these posts. Sometimes they need to show us that they’re doing something.
If they are acting on this, then it’s a small step in the right direction.
Well the Botany Bay update in early October was pretty recent.
What I take home from this is not “we’re banning bots, yada-yada-yada”, but that they are willing to ban users for using/abusing obvious exploits. It seems reasonable to post this as a warning for others who might not think that was bannable.