Today, a green haze rests upon RuneScape as its major cities play host to what the pundits are calling P-Hat-Palooza – or, at least, they should be!

Green p-hats – specifically picked so as not to upset the delicate balance of the RuneScape economy – are lying strewn throughout the streets of Lumbridge, Varrock and Falador. Free players and subscribers alike can leap into game right now and pluck a piece of RuneScape fresh from the green hand of Guthix himself.

The p-hats can only be found for free today, and are non-tradable, so be sure to grab one while you can. Once the drop-party is over, those who missed out will be able to buy one from Diango’s shop in Draynor Village.

This promises to be a historic event, so get in game and take part in P-Hat-Palooza now!

It doesn’t stop here, though: we’ve a range of new p-hats in the works, including the Wasabi-P-Hat, for those looking for a spicy taste of the Eastern Lands; the Ex-P’at, which imparts the “Tax Haven” buff, giving a percentage bonus to GP gain, but preventing use of the Home Teleport spell; and – for all you doe-eyed romantics out there – the Mushy P-Hat: available in matching pairs. 

Bakriminel Bolts

Mami Rimba, a known associate of Papa Mambo, has developed the means to make lethal crossbow bolts from the terrible timber of bloodwood trees, which grow only in areas that have known death.

Three trees can be found deep within the Wilderness, and offer greater yields of logs the farther in they’re found. Another three can be found in areas opened upon completion of high-level combat quests, but you won’t get as many logs from these as you will if you brave the Wilderness. You’ll need both 85 Woodcutting and 93 Fletching to make the bolts, as the logs (as well as unfinished bolts) are non-tradable and will disintegrate if taken too far from the tree, so they must be fletched nearby. Abilities or items that automatically bank logs (such as an imp-in-a-box) won’t work, either.

With a ranged strength of 125, these bolts pack a punch in PvE, but it’s in PvP against mages that their insidious power comes to the fore. When bakriminel bolts are equipped, the styles in your Combat Styles tab are replaced by three areas of your victim’s body that can be sought out by the bolts – head, torso and legs. Whichever of these you have selected, you’ll hit as hard and as fast as if you were using the rapid style of your crossbow, but if you’re targeting a player wearing mage armour (or no armour) in the corresponding slot, there’s also a chance to inflict a nasty status effect with each hit:

If you’re targeting your opponent’s head, you’ll have a 1 in 3 chance to slow their magic casting for the next 30 seconds. Hitting them again while the effect is still in place has the same chance to reduce their magic accuracy by a percentage proportional to the damage of the hit (not stackable).
Shots to the torso have a 1 in 4 chance to cause a bleeding effect, dealing 1 life point of damage per second for 60 seconds. Hitting the torso again while this effect is active has the same chance to add an extra point of damage per second for the remainder of the initial duration, up to a maximum of five.
A shot to the legs has a 1 in 3 chance of draining your opponent’s run energy in proportion to the damage dealt. If they’re low on run energy, a successful hit has the same chance to bind them to the spot for 10 seconds.

Bloodwood trees take some time to grow back once cut. What’s more, the bolts don’t drop to the floor once used, and can’t be collected by Ava’s equipment. It’ll take skill and courage to create these bolts for yourself, or the money to purchase a ready supply from others. Nevertheless, for the not-so-squeamish ranger with a wizard problem, these vicious bolts are just what the witch doctor ordered. 

Lodestone Network (free and members)

Ancient lodestones have been uncovered at various locations around RuneScape. If you use your Home Teleport spell when you first log in, you will find that you can freely teleport to the following:
Signs thumb update post

Burthorpe (members only)
Ancient Magicks spellbook location (if you have completed Desert Treasure)
Lunar Magic spellbook location (if you have completed Lunar Diplomacy)

Find and activate more lodestones about RuneScape, and you will be able to unlock them as Home Teleport options. The locations are:

Al Kharid
Ardougne (m)
Catherby (m)
Draynor Village
Port Sarim
Seers’ Village (m)
Taverley (m)
Yanille (m)

Locations marked with an (m) are members only.

A Home Teleport to a lodestone has the same restrictions as the previous Home Teleport: it is comparatively slow to cast, can be interrupted by combat, and cannot be used beyond level 20 Wilderness. The Home Teleport spell can be accessed via any spellbook, allowing you to freely teleport to lodestones using the Ancient Magicks and Lunar spellbook.

Lodestones have been placed a small distance from town centres, to ensure that current teleport methods are still a more efficient (and much faster to cast) option in most situations. This has not stopped us from tweaking existing teleport items, however, to make their teleport locations more convenient. Changes to teleport items include:

Camulet/Cramulet – teleports outside Enakhra’s Temple, closer to the granite quarry
Combat bracelet – teleports slightly closer to the Warriors’ Guild and Champions’ Guild
Necklace of skills – teleports slightly closer to the Fishing Guild, Cooks’ Guild and Crafting Guild
Games necklace – teleports near to Captain Jute of the Troll Invasion

Finally, we’ve updated the appearance of many of the signposts that show the way around Gielinor, adding clearly visible logos to each and a visual style appropriate to their region. 

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RuneScape2 Enters Beta Phase

Few believed that anyone could create a massively multiplayer online role-playing game using Java, but their disbeliefs were proven wrong by Jagex Limited. Now, RuneScape 2, an updated and improved version of RuneScape, has entered a closed-beta testing period for current subscribers:

RuneScape 2 is a completely updated version of the hugely popular online adventure game RuneScape, where players have monsters to skill, map to explore and quests to complete. RuneScape 2 features vastly improved graphics and a completely new game engine.
‘The whole team has worked really hard to get this Beta ready for launch.’ says Constant Tedder, Managing Director of Jagex Ltd, ‘Our existing players have been really patient as the wait has been longer than we would have hoped for. Hopefully when they see what we have done we will have gone beyond their expectations and our players will think the wait has been worth it.’

When the game goes full launch early in 2004 existing RS1 players will be able to transfer their accounts in full to RS2 ,with all stats intact.

Tedder added: ‘RuneScape 2 is truly one giant leap bringing fully 3D massively multi-player gaming to anyone with an internet connection. Playable in the browser with no lengthy downloads or cumbersome installation process, anyone can start playing in just 3 minutes.’ 

Official Site Updates, News & Visuals

Dragonshard Announced
Via the press release linked above, developer Liquid Entertainment and publisher Atari officially announced the real-time strategy title, which is set in the D&D Eberron campaign.

Wrath & Skeller Site
Seemingly within recent days, Warthog has opened a location for this project. Described as an action-oriented RPG aimed at gamers, it lists PC and any console as possible platforms.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Dev Logs
Joe Ludwig reports on some recent activities including work with the game’s particle system. He also says he is writing a couple of chapters for a book, the sequel to Massively Multiplayer Game Development. In addition, Misha Williams reports on the 24 build the Flying Lab team pushed during the past four weeks.

NCsoft Corporate Site Re-Launched
As of the end of last month, the publisher and developer has given its global portal an updated look. The link above leads to the English-language section.

The Saga of Ryzom at Games Convention
Nevrax told fans it will be at this year’s version of Games Convention, the major German trade show, which is scheduled for August 19-22 in Leipzig.

Shadowbane Free Trial Offer for Former Subscribers
To help mark Patch 3.0, The Secrets of Power, Ubisoft is offering former subscribers the chance to experience the current version for 15 days. The promotion runs from August 6-21. Click on the link for details.

Tabula Rasa Team Profile
The latest Illumination personal Q&A asks Designer James Parkman several questions in total. They cover personal topics plus his game credits, current position and how he got into the industry.

Reclamation Audio Interview Friday
Lyra Studios’ “Lyra-Dagger” will take part in a session this Friday at 3pm Pacific time. You can obtain further details via the link above.

Runescape Achieves 40,000 Concurrent Players
Developer Jagex announced earlier today that its java-based browser-based 3D Java online adventure game reached the figure above on July 31. The company also said its active player base is 968,000, of whom 96,481 subscribe at $5 a month, receiving additional abilities and other features.

Guild Wars Wallpaper
The latest desktop from ArenaNet highlights the tropical region of Kryta in its mission-oriented title, which continues to attract increasing attention.

The Witcher Screenshot
Shown with yesterday’s date, a new image from CD Projekt’s action-oriented RPG takes us back to the Narakort Tavern in the city of Vyzime. This time, we see a view of the kitchen. 

The Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild is located in central Asgarnia, just south-west of Falador. To enter, you’ll need level 40 crafting and must be wearing a brown apron or completed the hard Falador tasks. Upon entering the Guild, you’ll be greeted by the Master Crafter.

The skills necklace teleport is an easy way for members to arrive just outside the guild door. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination. Read the skills necklace items database entry to learn more about making and recharging it. You’ll still need your brown apron!

The ground floor is full of top-notch workshops, as well as a conservatory with rocking chairs where you can sit back, relax and watch the cows in the pen outside. There’s a sink, 4 pottery wheels and a pottery oven, so you can make as many clay items as you want (see the pottery section of Tip.It’s Crafting Skill guide for details). Outside, in the exclusive crafters’ mine, you’ll find 6 clay, 6 silver and 7 gold rocks. Spawns shown on the map in purple: Amulet & bracelet mould, hammer, chisel, jug.

Up the stairs you’ll find the Tanner, who is quite willing to tan your hides and turn them into leather. The cows in the fenced area outside are handy sources for hide. He tans normal piece of leather for free, and charges 3gp to make each hard piece of leather. He also tans members-only snakeskins (for 15 or 20gp) and dragonhides (for 20gp). You can make the leather into various items yourself (see the leather work and dragonhide work (members only) sections of Tip.It’s Crafting Skill guide for details). A spinning wheel is located in the corner. You can grab the shears spawn and head just north of the Crafting guild to shear a small flock of sheep, then return and spin the wool here (see the spinning section of Tip.It’s Crafting Skill guide for details). Spawns shown in purple: Necklace Mould, Holy Mould, Shears, Tiara Mould, Ring Mould.


Cooking Guild


The Cooking Guild is located in northern Misthalin, north-west of Varrock just south of the Grand Exchange. It is open to all players, both F2P and members. To enter, you must have at least level 32 cooking and be wearing a chef’s hat. Alternatively members with level 99 cooking may wear their Cooking Skillcape. Wearing Varrock armour 3 from the Varrock Tasks will also grant you access. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the Head Chef.

The Skills necklace, Varrock teleports, and Rings of Wealth (4) are easy ways of getting to the guild. You’ll still need your chef’s hat, cooking cape, or Varrock armour 3 to enter.

This floor contains a sink on the west side, useful for making different doughs or wine. A chocolate bar spawns on the north table. The chute from which flour comes out is also located on this floor. The closed off area to the east, with a bank and cooking range, is available only to members wearing Varrock armour 3. Members can speak with Romily Weaklax to access his Pie Shop (shop items are listed in a table below). The Head Chef also wanders this floor and will sell the Cooking Cape to members with 99 Cooking for 99,000 coins.

Players can use the cooking guild’s mill to grind wheat into flour, an important cooking ingredient. To use the mill, first collect wheat from a wheat field. The nearest one is directly behind the building. Once you have your wheat, go to the top floor of the guild and use it on the hopper. Every time you put wheat in the hopper, operate the controls. Once you decide you have added enough wheat, go to the ground floor and collect your flour with pots.

Back down on the ground floor, Romily Weaklax’s Pie Shop sells a recipe book for making pies. He also buys pies, but his normal pie stock is zero, so he can only sell what he’s bought from other players. The Pies section of the Cooking Skill Guide discusses pies and exactly how to make them.

Romily Weaklax also has a challenge for you. He will ask you to make him a certain number of a specific type of pie, and pay you for your efforts. The reward is only slightly more than the cost of ingredients, and since most ingredients are valued quite low, this is not an effective money making strategy. However, if you prefer to break up the monotony of training, you can try these challenges. 

The Champions’ Guild

The Champions’ Guild is located in central Misthalin, south-west of Varrock. To enter, you’ll need 33 quest points (i.e., completed most of the F2P quests). Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the Guildmaster; brave and noble, he oversees all goings-on in the guild. He is also the first NPC you must talk to in order to begin the Dragon Slayer quest.
The combat bracelet teleport is an easy way for members to arrive just outside the guild door. Simply rub it and choose this guild as the destination. Read the combat bracelet items database entry to learn more about making and recharging it.

Here you’ll find two fonts as well as a lavish long table for a banquet. If you discarded your Melzar’s Maze key after completing the Dragon Slayer quest, the Guildmaster can supply you with another. In the next room there is a kitchen, with an enclosed chicken coop outside. This is an excellent place to easily raise your cooking level at lower levels.

This is where members come to fight duel challenges. These can be fatal! Challenges are received at random while fighting certain monsters, and the champions fought are from these particular races. To accept a challenge, speak to Larxus with a champion scroll in hand. Note that the Leprechaun Champion, however, can be fought at any time; no champion scroll is required. Players are offered the chance to face him in a duel as an introduction to the minigame. For more details, read Tip.It’s Champions’ Challenge minigame guide.

Ascending the lobby stairs, you’ll find two shops exclusive to Quest Champions, selling items not available in any other F2P RuneScape shop. First is the special general store – Valaine’s Shop of Champions. You can sell anything here at general store prices, as well as being able to purchase some black and adamant items. Second is Scavvo’s Rune Store. If you speak to him, he asks if you’d like to buy some “toys”. He actually sells rune armour and weapons, as well as some green dragonhide armour. For a list of all items sold, see the tables below. 

Upcoming Changes To The Eoc

We’re almost finished with our latest batch of changes to the EoC, focusing on the issues I described in my last Og Blog.
The changes below are certainly not the final changes we will be making to the EoC as a whole, and the specific ones below will be monitored carefully to ensure they have had the desired impact.

In order to make sure that the below changes are well integrated into the existing game – and, in particular, the upcoming Kalphite King launch – we’re not unleashing him just yet. The Kalphite King update will happen on the 14th, at the same time as these changes, to ensure that it’s the well-balanced – not to mention brutally challenging – boss fight that you deserve.
Change to the Offensive Capabilities of High-Level Bosses

As mentioned in my last Og Blog, we’ve noticed that several of the more profitable bosses in the game are being killed by players of a lower level than we had originally intended, and using lower-levelled gear than we had predicted. To address this, we will be significantly increasing the offensive capabilities of these NPCs, meaning that higher levels and better gear will be needed to efficiently take down those opponents. Creatures affected will include the God Wars bosses and the Corporeal Beast, to name a few.
Change to the Defensive Value of Armour

At the moment, the difference between, say, level 70 and level 80 gear isn’t great enough to matter for standard combat training and boss hunting. Understandably, this means that people aren’t investing in the best gear available to them. We are changing that.
The defensive values of armour will now be plotted on an exponential curve rather than a linear one. At higher levels, the difference between sequential armour pieces will be far greater and, therefore, will make a far more noticeable difference in combat. It will also better match the upward curve of XP required to progress through those higher levels, making the highest-level gear optimal for battling your way to 99!

Strength Boosts and Set Effects

We will be adding individual strength boosts to all Torva, Pernix and Virtus gear, and a few other items like the Bandos Chestplate. The ‘Nex gear’ will also have an additional strength bonus in the form of a set effect. The above three areas of change will mean that higher combat levels and higher levels of gear will be needed to defeat powerful NPC opponents.

Healing Effects of Abilities

We are reducing the effectiveness of the Regeneration and Rejuvenation abilities. We noticed that less food was being taken into battle than before because the healing values of these abilities were stronger than we had anticipated. To address this, we will be increasing the cooldown on the Rejuvenate ability to 5 minutes (making it an infrequent, emergency heal) and reducing the effect of Regenerate by 20%.

This – along with the changes to defensive armour, bosses and strength boosts – will mean that more food will be needed in battle.
This is intended to stabilise the value of these items on the GE in the short-term, and to increase their value in the long-term.