The Free Zone : The F2P Consolidation TrendThe Free Zone : The F2P Consolidation Trend






After last week’s announcement that Outspark was being sold lock, stock and barrel to Europe’s gamigo, we began to wonder if the F2P publishers would be undergoing a consolidation. Read The Free Zone to check out our ideas before leaving yours in the comments.


Since the previous column, a couple of announcements about relatively prominent western F2P publishers got me to wondering if they signal the start of something I’ve been expecting for a while now. As you can gather from today’s heading, it’s a consolidation in the F2P publishing industry here in North America and also in Europe. One piece of news to which I’m referring is the acquisition of Gala-Net / gPotato by Webzen. The other is the closing of Outspark plus the transfer of the regional rights for its most popular title, Fiesta Online, to the auspices of its European operator, gamigo.