Origins Of Malu : Beta to Kick Off on March 30thOrigins Of Malu : Beta to Kick Off on March 30th





The latest state of the game letter for Origins of Malu has been published on the official site. In it, the usual astonishing list of the team has been working on has been publish along with the news that the closed beta will be moved to March 30th to make up for some delays in development.
The Beta date has been moved back to March 30th, 2013. We do not expect any further delays.
The Beta forums will be opened up tomorrow for questions and answers concerning the beta. So feel free to ask all your burning questions and we will do our best to answer them as fast as we can.
The Beta will be a closed beta to test systems and scalability.
The Beta registration will be hosted by Alienware and you will be able to sign up on This will  be launched towards the end of February.
We will release 20,000 Beta key through Alienware only. However, long time, active community members will be treated to a key and so will people who backed us on Kick Starter before we pulled the plug.
Combat and faction wars will be a major point of the beta. One of our goals has always been large scale battles and this is our chance to test it on that scale.
Testers will have access to around roughly 100 km. squared to explore.
After this phase of Beta completes, another phase will follow. Once you have a key you are set for all future beta phases.