Guild Wars 2 : On Guild Missions and Spirit Watch PvPGuild Wars 2 : On Guild Missions and Spirit Watch PvP





Today marks the release of new content in Guild Wars 2. We had a team take part in a preview of Flame & Frost: The Gathering Storm. See what we discovered before leaving your thoughts in the comments.


The tour started off with a look into the Spirit Watch PvP map.  Right away I was just in awe at how amazing this map looks.  Plant life and architecture fill your screen, giving you an epic setting to do battle in.  This map also had several layers of elevation, offering a ton of interesting ways for players to strategize against the other team.  But this also served as just another way to create a visually pleasing experience for PvP players.




Star Legends : Our Official Star Legends ReviewStar Legends : Our Official Star Legends Review




One of the growing trends in MMO development these days is the increasing presence of mobile MMOs. In our latest review, we take a look at Spacetime Studios’ Star Legends: The Black Chronicles from every conceivable angle and measure it up next to other mobile MMOs. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.
Gameplay in Star Legends is designed for three to five minute play sessions as their concept was get people in and out of games easily, so the game revolves around quests and dungeon levels; i.e. clearing dungeon levels and heading to the next. The Space Age theme helps with the immersion as you use transporters from the main hub to reach the various planets and a graphic of a spaceship shows in the loading screen. Or you simply access the sector map which provides level recommendations and the ability to join or create a game.


World of Warcraft : PTR Patch Notes & Upcoming Changes to PvP Gear DetailedWorld of Warcraft : PTR Patch Notes & Upcoming Changes to PvP Gear Detailed


The World of Warcraft community site has been updated with a pair of articles about forthcoming changes to the game. The first lays out the current patch notes (v5.2) on the Public Test Realm. The second is a blog article about changes coming to PvP gear in the future.
To accomplish the goals of making PvP more accessible and less punishing, gearing more consistent and flexible, and flattening the power curve out over the course of a season, there are some significant changes in the works:
?2200 rating requirements removed from all PvP gear. (5.2)
?Gear will be available in four tiers:
?Dreadful Gladiator’s gear will be crafted. (5.2)
?Malevolent Gladiator’s gear, including weapons, will be purchased with Honor Points. (5.2)
?New tier of PvP items: Tyrannical Gladiator’s gear will be purchased with Conquest Points. (5.2)
?Tyrannical Gladiator’s gear can be purchased for Honor after 27000 Conquest Points are earned for the season. (5.3)
?Elite Tyrannical Gladiator’s gear can only be purchased with Conquest Points after 27,000 Conquest Points have been earned for the season. (5.2)
Read more at the links above. 

The Free Zone : The F2P Consolidation TrendThe Free Zone : The F2P Consolidation Trend






After last week’s announcement that Outspark was being sold lock, stock and barrel to Europe’s gamigo, we began to wonder if the F2P publishers would be undergoing a consolidation. Read The Free Zone to check out our ideas before leaving yours in the comments.


Since the previous column, a couple of announcements about relatively prominent western F2P publishers got me to wondering if they signal the start of something I’ve been expecting for a while now. As you can gather from today’s heading, it’s a consolidation in the F2P publishing industry here in North America and also in Europe. One piece of news to which I’m referring is the acquisition of Gala-Net / gPotato by Webzen. The other is the closing of Outspark plus the transfer of the regional rights for its most popular title, Fiesta Online, to the auspices of its European operator, gamigo.




MapleStory : Marriage & Divorce in 3-Seconds FlatMapleStory : Marriage & Divorce in 3-Seconds Flat


The Marriage System in MapleStory is one of the more popular features of Nexon’s side scrolling MMO. It’s no easy process either. Requiring a special quest for an engagement ring, the acceptance of a partner, the sending of invitations, payment of fees, setting a date and more, the process is nearly a mirror of real world marriages…except for the 3-second divorce that set a record!
As with any marriage feature, a divorce system also needs to be included for those couples who simply cannot see eye-to-eye any more. It’s not a cheap feature either as players have to fork over major amounts of in-game currency and lose their wedding rings which pack a great bonus that will surely be missed.

To date over 28,000 couples have married in MapleStory, 15,000 have divorced. Nexon also datamined other interesting statistics:

The longest marriage in MapleStory is 1,100 days
The shortest marriage in MapleStory is 3 seconds.
The most number of marriages for a single user was 13 (which means 12 divorces!)
The average # of days for couples that married and divorced in 2012 was 107 days.
The average duration of a married couple in MapleStory is 518 days.
The total duration of all marriages in MapleStory is 40,015,128 days.
The day with the most marriages was January 7, 2012 with 115 total (January also had the most # of marriages total, October had the least).
The month with the most divorces/broken engagements in MapleStory was July, 2012.
The day with the most divorces/broken engagements in MapleStory was September 8, 2012 with 99 total.


Firefall : Battleframe Changes IncomingFirefall : Battleframe Changes Incoming








In a new post on the Firefall site, the team lays out plans to make significant changes to the battleframe system. The issue at hand is the difficulty in balancing battleframes in both PvE and PvP and how the team aims to solve it.
Create Balanced “Regulation” PvP Gear 


To solve the crafted gear problem, we’re creating “regulation” versions of everything that will automatically be equipped when you enter a PvP instance.  It’s important to note that in the open world, which includes future open world PvP, you will be wearing your unlocked/crafted gear.  We’re strictly talking about instanced PvP when we refer to “regulation” gear.  In the world of Firefall, “Holmgang” is the competitive sport that the battleframes engage in, so it is conceptually fitting that only regulation gear is allowed.  This will be even more pertinent in our upcoming competitive game modes, as both in the game and out of game, they are treated as a sport.




Origins Of Malu : Beta to Kick Off on March 30thOrigins Of Malu : Beta to Kick Off on March 30th





The latest state of the game letter for Origins of Malu has been published on the official site. In it, the usual astonishing list of the team has been working on has been publish along with the news that the closed beta will be moved to March 30th to make up for some delays in development.
The Beta date has been moved back to March 30th, 2013. We do not expect any further delays.
The Beta forums will be opened up tomorrow for questions and answers concerning the beta. So feel free to ask all your burning questions and we will do our best to answer them as fast as we can.
The Beta will be a closed beta to test systems and scalability.
The Beta registration will be hosted by Alienware and you will be able to sign up on This will  be launched towards the end of February.
We will release 20,000 Beta key through Alienware only. However, long time, active community members will be treated to a key and so will people who backed us on Kick Starter before we pulled the plug.
Combat and faction wars will be a major point of the beta. One of our goals has always been large scale battles and this is our chance to test it on that scale.
Testers will have access to around roughly 100 km. squared to explore.
After this phase of Beta completes, another phase will follow. Once you have a key you are set for all future beta phases.