General : Bless: Uncovering the Enigmatic New GameGeneral : Bless: Uncovering the Enigmatic New Game


During 2012’s G-Star convention in South Korea, Neowiz announced “Bless”, the latest MMO in development that will join its growing stable of games. Bless is said to be “photo-realistic” so we caught up to Lead Producer Jacob Han to find out more about the game. Read what he has to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments. Give us an overview of BLESS, the game play looks amazing.Jacob Han: BLESS is a classic MMORPG in a medieval European setting. To us, the most important elements of an MMORPG are not only immersive graphics and combat, but also a strong setting, story and even NPC dialogue, all intertwining in a complex, yet engaging manner. You will be able to step into an entirely new world that is both believable and comprehensive, made possible by BLESS’s background story, which we have taken painstaking effort to build. In BLESS, you will be able to adventure with intriguing characters against a realistic backdrop. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, players will be motivated to engage in a variety of role-play scenarios. This is because each faction and race has a different background setting and story influenced by the player’s decisions. The game provides constant feedback to the players to bring life to a living, breathing world full of adventure. You don’t simply play the game to acquire new armor sets and gain levels, but to experience honor, sacrifice, friendship or burning vengeance.