I didn’t know what is copy


I saw the videoes in my computer yesterday, while occasionally seeing the document promotional material when wow had world public test years ago. Listening to the sturdiness background music and listening to magnetic and encouraged comment, the excitement in my heart is lighten again. Those old memories are alive and fresh again. At the beginning of public test,there is no plug-ins, no plugins, no killing, no brush battlefield in game. Players are chatting together to do task. At the beginning, no one put the props to chat box stick. Sometimes just for a task to run half a map, but can’t find a place. Sometimes just because of finding a little place to get surprised.

Remember one time, I chose thief, in order to get a defense potion, at last, I found it on the map of darkshire. The recipe can be bought… I remember a friend is also thief, we did task in the same team. His skills are peeling and making skin. He often peeled skil in the whole afternoon and made equipment for us. I didn’t know what is copy at that time and no one taught you how to fight. Everything was done by yourself. We made a group to kill tribal people until chasing into their village. Sometimes we were chased to kill back to our own village… though it is killing or being killed, I enjoy the game.

When I came to region 2 PVE, I chose alliance. This time I was shaman flamen, which is good at beating and adding blood. In that time, no one led little number and organize also didn’t have person, except you were in good luck, little number could gain a little advantage. At the time of Cenarion, I knew a lot of good friends and also joined a good guild. At 70 level, just brushing copy. I thought I was fooled by game again, so I left wow. Days before, I came to superior limit 80 level, I went back here again. The emotion among people is still cold. I quietly explore new map. It is not PVP, so I don’t need to worry about I was killed. I don’t know why, just without the passon.

Today when I watched the earliest wow expansion, it seems to find the old passion. I want to ascend the memorable land to explore the secret ship wreckage in the deep of ocean; rob Naga’s treasure; open up a new area…I don’t want to be tied by game again; don’t want to brush copy again and again; don’t want to be refused when I organize group… I want to find some like-minded friends to go back Azeroth and find the original privity and pure.

Warriors, looking forward your participation! Let’s be leisure players and start all over again.